You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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10. Chapter 10

"harry cant you drive faster!" i exclaimed as harry sped down the motorway which was a bad idea considering it was covered in ice, but i didnt want to miss louis.
"im going as fast as i can! i am breaking the law right now!" harry exclaimed, dodging and overtaking a few cars. "the cars steaming up, put on the air conditioning. NOW!" he exclaimed, moving his eyes down towards the button, making me jump as he yelped.
"we are going to die, we're going to die." i whispered to myself, holding onto the seat firmly.
"we arent going to die, would you shut up and let me drive!" harry yelled again, his hands moving off the wheel as he yelped. i sat there silently, screaming in my head, thinking that we're going to crash.
"harry, just slow down a bit please, the road is covered with ice and-"
"do you want to get to your louis in time? yes? then stop complaining!" harry screeched back. i could tell he was getting agitated.
"what do you mean by 'your louis'?" i asked him, his eyes darted to me and then back at the road. "harry?" he sighed loudly at me.
"nothing i just-"
"you just what? just tell me for fuck sake!" i exclaimed at him, turning my head to face him.
"i just feel sometimes that you love him more than me, and it hurts." harry explained calmly. i sighed just as loud as he did.
"harry...and you louis are more similar then you think. i love you. not louis. i mean yes i love louis as in a best friend way but i am IN love with you." i explained to him, putting my hand of his thigh and rubbing it. he turned his head to look at me and flashed me an apologetic smile. "now drive faster!" i laughed at him, he stepped on the pedal as the car skidded down the empty motorway. i looked at the speed clock behind the wheel and saw we were travelling at 110 miles an hour. shit, thats fast. two minutes of silence and of harry concentrating on breaking the law, we saw a sign for the airport. "harry, pull off this road here!" i said, looking down at the map in my hand and the sign above the road.
"no not yet, i know a short cut."
"no harry pull off here, you're going to miss it!" i screamed at him.
"would you shut the fuck up, y/n!"
"HARRY PULL OFF HERE FOR FUCK SAKE!" i screamed at him, we drove past the sign before harry screamed "FINE" and reversed on the motorway, back to the junction that took us to the airport.
"what the fuck are you doing? you cant reverse on a motorway!!"
"do i give a fuck? now shut up" he said bluntly. he hated it when we fought, so did i. i felt like we fought more and more lately.
"we have five minutes till his plane leaves." i said quietly, hoping not to get shouted at. harry ignored me and drove, looking blankly straight ahead at the dark road being lit up by his lights on the car and the lamposts at either side of the road. we pulled up at the airport, and ran out the car, yelling the terminal and gates numbers at each other. we pushed past people, yelling them to move as we rushed in the airport.
"harry we have to buy a ticket to get past security!" i yelled at him. we cam to an abrupt halt and pushed at the front of the line, leaving people to yell at us and complain.
"two tickets please." harry yelped, holding his credit card in his hand, tapping it on the desk impatiently.
"and where is the destin-"
"i dont give a fuck anywhere thats cheap." harry replied. the woman raised her eyebrows at harry and crossed her arms.
"i will not take that abuse young man. now go to the back of the line, you will have a twenty minute wait-"
"no! listen here, we have to go to gate seven now to meet my friend-"
"miss please go to the back of the line-"
"listen to me you bitch, get us two fucking tickets to any-fucking-where before she misses saying good bye to the fucking love of her life! NOW!" harry screamed at her, scaring her, making her type quickly and take his credit card. she printed out the tickets and handed them to him. he grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the line, me being tugged along behind him and his anger.
"harry what did you mean, love of me life?" i asked harry as he pulled me along. harry ignored me and pointed to the gate number. we ran as fast as we could. one minute till louis had to get on the plane. we ran past security, being stopped in our tracks.
"excuse me, you cant go past security." a man said as we ran past the metal detectors. we ignored them and carried on running, hand in hand. "HEY! STOP!" the man yelled, running after us. three more men joined and chased us to the gate. we ran down the hallway to the waiting room for the flight. we ran in, with the security guards following. i went on my tip toes, looking over the peoples heads to try and find louis.
"harry, where is he?" i cried, tears falling down my face.
"dont worry we will.....there he is!" harry pointed to a tall handsome boy handing the man at the desk his boarding pass and walking through the door. harry pushed me forward to get to him as he was about to enter the plane.
"LOUIS! LOUIS TOMLINSON!" i screamed at the top of my voice, pushing people out of my way. louis was already walking to the plane, i went to get him but the man at the desk stopped me.
"do you have a boarding pass miss?"
"no i dont i just need to see my friend-"
"im sorry, you cant go through without a boarding pass." the man said. harry came behind me and screamed in my ear.
"LOUIS TOMLINSON." he screamed, making me cover my eyes. we heard heavy footsteps as louis ran through the door, panic in his eyes.
"y/n. you're here." louis whispered, dropping his bags on the floor and walking up to me, tears tumbling down mine and his cheeks. harry stepped back and sat on the chairs.
"im sorry im late. i got locked in a bathroom and-" i cried to him, i could barely breathe i was crying so hard.
"its ok, you're here now. now listen to me y/n. dont ever forget about me, you promise? and dont get into any trouble with your boyfriend." he whispered to me, holding my face in his hands, looking down on me, our faces and clothes covered in tears. i nodded in his hands, blinking hard, letting the tears fall. "and when you're married, and have kids remember when we were kids, ok?" he smiled at me through my tears. "and when im gone-"
"louis dont" i cried, practically hyperventilating.
"no, when im gone and you're still living on with grandchildren, remember us together. and remember what i said today-" he leaned into my ear, my chest racing fast as i cried a river, our eyes red and puffy. "i love you" he whispered in my ear. i through my hand to my mouth and squeaked, not wanting to let all my tears fall out.
"i love you too" i cried to him, whispering in his ear as he hugged me tightly, rubbing my back.
"sir, are you getting on the plane?" the man asked. louis came out the hug and turned around and nodded.
"bye y/n." he cried, kissing my lips softly one last time. he waved at harry who had a few tears down his cheeks. harry waved back and sent him a sympathetic smile.
"bye lou." i creaked out, waving to him as he walked through the door to the plane. the man closed the door behind him and locked it. harry stood next to me and i fell into his arms, crying as he hugged me tightly, rubbing my back.
"shhh." he whispered softly, holding me. my breathing got faster as i hysterically cried on his chest. he wiped away my tears and wrapped his arm tightly around my waist, pulling me in close as i put one arm round his waist and the other round his stomach, hugging him from the side. we walked slowly out of the terminal and back to the car.

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