You'll be mine forever

normal. normal wasnt a word that i was familiar with. i didnt have a normal family, in fact, i didnt have one at all. i didnt have normal friends, i didnt live in a normal house so my life wasnt normal. no body at school knew about my life outside the school building, except for one boy that knew everything about me and accepted me for who i was.

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1. Chapter 1

"y/n, get up now, youre going to be late for your first day of school!" adriana yelled, throwing my covers off of me as she tore the curtains apart, letting the light flood in and instantaneously blind me. i moaned as i got out of bed, noticing that as she walked out, she left my door open so the kids could walk right in. i walked over to my desk with my dusty mirror propped up against the wall, on top of my desk and stared at myself. my messy hair scruffed up, my teeth needed a clean.
"well this is it, the first day of your new school." i sighed to myself as i walked through the corridor into the bathroom, occasionally being shoved out the way in the process.
"Alice, watch where youre going!" i yelled to the six year old who had flown past me. i stepped into the bathroom where three kids where crowded round the sink, brushing their teeth.
"i'll go find a different bathroom then." i sighed, walking out and going down the spiral stairs to the second floor where that bathroom was empty. i walked in and shut the door, turning the light on. grabbing my toothbrush and face wash, i began to cleanse myself, trying to look presentable for my first day. i walked out of the bathroom and ran up the stairs to the third floor to get dressed.
"molly, get out of my room!" i yelled to the twelve year old girl sitting on my window seat, looking out at the back yard. she turned and looked at me, gasping as she sprinted out.
"cant anyone understand, this is my room, so stay out!" i yelled, slamming the door shut. i walked over to my wardrobe and threw on a pair of skinny jeans, a casual top and a nice jacket that i had bought for myself with the money i made doing the chores around the house. walking down to the kitchen and grabbing a piece of toast from the table, i said bye to the children who werent starting school yet and walked out the front door, catching up to Louis who was already walking down the road.
"hey lou." i smiled, my running slowing down as i caught up with him. he turned and smiled at me, his perfect teeth showing. louis was a few years older than me, he had lived the house with me before he got fostered by a lovely couple that only lived down the road, so i still saw him. encase you hadnt already guessed, i live in a foster home with twenty other children, some younger, some older and only one the same age as me. my parents were only fifteen and sixteen when they had me, so they werent ready for a child. so they sent me to Honeycomb House where i've been living for the past 15 years of my life.
"hey, y/n. you excited for your first day?" louis asked as he grabbed my hand and held it tightly. i shrugged my shoulders.
"kind of. i dont want people to know where i come from though." i replied, looking at the ground. louis stopped walking and turned to face me. he lifted my chin up with his thumb, our eyes meeting.
"hey, no one will find out. i promise you." he smiled at me, kissing me on the head as we carried on walking. louis and i used to date when he lived with us, but ever since he got fostered, we split apart a bit so we decided on a mutual break up.
"thanks Lou." i smiled at him as we walked down the street to see the school building with teenagers outside; on their phones, smoking, skateboarding. we walked through the gate and one boy immediately got my attention. he had dark brown curly hair, dimples as he smiled, his eyes a beautiful shade of green. he saw me looking at him and smiled. i melted inside as i pasted him.
"what are you grinning at?" louis smiled, knocking me out of my trance.
"nothing." i smiled to myself as my cheeks flushed red. we walked down the corridors and louis left me at my first class, english. i walked in the room and my eyes immediately glued to the handsome boy in the corner, messing around with his friends. i walked over and sat next to a blonde boy. he smiled at me and carried on talking to the curly haired boy behind him. the blonde boy stopped talking to him and he turned to me, smiling.
"heya, im harry and this is niall." harry smiled, sitting forward a bit. i blushed at him.
"hi, im y/n." i smiled shyly, tucking my hair behind my ear and smiling shyly at the ground.

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