Two Secret Worlds (Cross-over FanFiction)

Percy Jackson is not your average boy: he is a demigod, son of Poseidon. Neither is Harry Potter: he is a wizard and famous for surviving the killing spell.
What happens when one day the two boys wake up in new beds in new places? What happens when their souls switch bodies? **This is my entry for the Cross-Over FanFiction Competition**


2. The Discovery


Harry’s P.O.V

I woke up as soon as I felt the freezing cold water against my skin. I shot my eyes up and gasped for air. I looked up to see a tall, blonde haired girl in front of me. Her steel grey eyes were giggling just as much as her mouth.

“You like that, water-boy?” she said and smiled briefly at me. A voice from across the room cut off the girl: “You can’t be here, Annabeth!” I looked to my side and found a weird looking creature sitting on a bed. I hadn’t seen a creature like this before; it looked very much alike a human, only a little bigger. And it only had one eye. I thought that I had read of these creatures before, but I couldn’t remember the exact name of it. Nor could I remember that it was able to speak.

The girl turned around. “All right. I just wanted to tell you that you’re late. You better get out of bed quickly—especially you, seaweed brain.” She pointed at me and walked out of the door.

It was first now I saw my surroundings; windows facing an ocean as wide as I my eyes could see and four low walls made of rough sea stone. I felt a slight breeze with a nice smell of saltwater blowing through the room.

The one-eyed creature was already out of bed. It inelegantly jumped into a couple of old jeans and put on an orange T-shirt. The shirt had a text saying Camp Halfblood. Then it looked at me.

“You really should get out of bed. You know there’s rules here, right?” It started walking towards the door in the end of the room, but it stopped in a quick movement when I asked it what its name was. The talking creature said that his name was Tyson. “What happened this night since you can’t remember my name, Percy?” It walked to the door and the sun blinded my eyes when it walked out.

I sat there for a few moments, thinking. A pile of clothes was lying on the floor. A couple of jeans and the same orange T-shirt I had just seen the creature put on. It also had a sign saying Camp Halfblood. I couldn’t quite figure out what was going on. The creature had called me Percy. Obviously, that was not my name. My name was Harry, Harry Potter. I had woken up in a place that wasn’t Hogwarts and this did defiantly not calm me.

But, even though this all seemed very odd, I got up from the bed and put my clothes on. Maybe all of this was just a coincidence, a misunderstanding. In the rush I was in I almost forgot to put my glasses on. I looked around in the room, but nothing round formed was to find. I took a hand to my nose back, but didn’t feel my glasses. Where could they be? I had never had any trouble finding them before.

Just then I realized that my sight wasn’t blurred at all. The last time I’d seen this clear I had been a little kid. A small smile grew on my face. I could see without my glasses.

I walked towards the door and felt happy when I stepped outside and the sun's warmth hit my face.



Percy’s P.O.V

I woke up to the sun shining through a window, lighting up the room in light colors. I closed my eyes for a moment, enjoying the beautiful morning weather. When I opened them again, I noticed very fast that the room I was in wasn’t my home in the 3rd cabin in Camp Halfblood. The room I was in was circular with a dark wood ceiling and the even darker floor had—including my own—five big, comfortable beds on it. The beds had red, puffy curtains hanging on the sides, leaving the different owners sleeping in them with a bit more privacy.

I sat up in my bed. Something about this was wrong. How on earth did I come to this place? Had I in my sleep accidently walked into a room of sleeping teenage boys and slipped myself under the covers of an empty bed? Even though I did weird things often, it was not likely for me to do this.

I pulled the duvet aside and set my feet on the cool wooden floor. I stood up and walked over to the glass window beside the bed. The morning sun that woke me up was still shining bright on the clear sky. I looked out of the window and stated that I was in some kind of tower. I was so high above the ground that I saw the trees in a forest down on the ground as little ants.

A couple of morning-lazy footsteps came up behind me.

“Harry?” a tired British voice asked me. I turned around to see a redheaded boy gazing at me. He was tall, had freckles and was kind of lanky. “Are you up already? Since when did you become a morning person?” I wasn’t going to waist my time.

“I’m sorry to ask you this, but who are you?” The boy looked puzzled at me.

“Um … I’m Ron Weasley, just as I was yesterday, your best friend.” I raised my eyebrows.

“That can’t be true, I’ve never met you before. My best friend's name is Grover.” Ron kept on staring at me.

“By the way, where am I?” I asked him.

“At Hogwarts, Harry. At Hogwarts.” His eyes suddenly looked worried. “Did you hit your head recently?”

“No, I didn’t. And my name is not Harry. My name is Percy.”

“Your voice sounds different. Are you … trying to do an American accent?”

“I am American!”

“Okay, enough with the fun,” Ron sighed. “Breakfast is probably waiting.” A deep rumbling sounded from his stomach. “Get your clothes on and let’s go.” I looked back on the bed I apparently had slept in. By its side was a chair with a stack of clothes. I took a look at the robes in front of me. They seemed to be in my size. I quickly jumped into them. A cloak was also lying on the stool. I put it on and looked down my body. With the clothes on I looked like a fool—a classy fool, but still a fool. Things like these should only be worn for Halloween. When that time came I could dress up as a … what? A wizard?

I looked up at Ron. He already has his clothes on, ready to go.

“Do I really have to walk out like this?” I asked him.

“Walk out like what?” he said, eyeing me.

“Like this!” I said and pointed at my robes.

“Of course you do. We all do, right?” Ron said. So everyone at this place—Hogwarts, I reminded myself—walks around dressed like idiots? At least we didn’t in Camp Halfblood. Fortunately for me (if everyone really was dressed like this) I wouldn’t look as stupid as if I were the only one who wore the robes.

Ron walked out of the room’s only door and I quickly followed him in his footsteps. I could just as well follow him as he seemed to know what he was doing and where he was going—after all, I didn’t. We walked down a long spiral staircase and ended up in a big room. The fireplace was burning and armchairs and sofas were standing around the room. The place felt nice, like a place you’d go if you needed to relax. A little sign on the wide brick wall said Gryffindor Common Room. Oh, so this was a common room! But I didn’t quite know what Gryffindor meant. I asked Ron, hoping to get an answer.

“Gryffindor is your House. You know that. I’m starting to get really worried about you, Harry. I’m sure you did hit your head. And harder than you thought.” He snorted. “You asking all these questions is strange,” he mumbled. Suddenly Ron stopped in front of a girl with brown hair and a couple of conspicuous front teeth. She greeted us good morning and she walked with us through a hole in the wall and out on a corridor. I asked her what her name was, but she just mumbled, “You defiantly slept too little again”. I was glad when Ron silently whispered to me that her name was Hermione.

Walking through the phenomenal castle I happened to be in was quite an experience. Moving staircases and talking paintings was just a few examples. This place certainly had a great structure.

We finally got to a great hall after something that felt like hours. Hermione and Ron sat down at one of the four gigantic long tables and started eating of the delicious food on the table: Pumpkin juice, eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast, bread and fruit was all my eyes could see. The ceiling in the hall was … marvelous. You could see the sky through it, but still you knew it was a ceiling.

Hermione looked at me.

“You don’t speak that much today. Are you getting sick? You look ill.” She took a hand to my forehead. “You don’t have a fever, but something is wrong, I can tell,” she stated. She took a little mirror out of her robes and handed it to me. “Look for yourself.” I took the mirror from her hand and looked at the reflection.

“Wo-oah!” I almost screamed out loud. I took a trembling hand to my face. No, actually it wasn’t my face. It was someone else’s. My hair was suddenly black and a couple of shining green eyes hid behind a pair of round glasses. On my forehead was a very visible scar shaped like a lightning bolt.

“What happened?” I shouted, not caring about people’s reactions. “This isn’t me!” I looked back on my reflection in horror. Ron told me once again: “You’re still yourself, Harry!” but when I noted that my name was Percy, Hermione looked at me in wonder.

Suddenly I got an idea. “Do you guys have a phone?” I asked them.

“What’s a phone?” Ron curiously asked. I stared at him with an are-you-serious-look.

“A phone is something muggles use,” Hermione said, “a lot.” What the hell was a muggle? “But we don’t have any phones here. At least we don’t,” she said and pointed at herself and Ron.

“I really need a phone,” I silently mumbled. Apparently Hermione heard my prayers.

“I could try to make one,” she offered me. My eyes didn’t blink for a second when I looked at her.

“If you think you can make a phone then you’re crazy,” I said. But either way she took out a long, weird looking stick from her robes and pointed it on an apple on her plate. She started saying a lot of words I didn’t understand. She went on for a while and I started to see the apple … change. It got a screen. It got a back. And when she ended her long “speech” a brand new smartphone was lying on her plate. I was speechless when I looked at her. She gave me the phone. “See if it works,” she demanded. I turned it on and weirdly enough I wasn’t surprised when the screen lit up in light. A moment later it was ready to go and I went straight to the Internet. I logged into my mail (which I actually haven’t used in a few years because monsters was constantly following me) and found a picture of myself on my profile. I handed the phone back to Hermione and Ron and pointed at the screen. “That’s me. Percy Jackson.”

I could tell that Ron was getting tired of me.

“How hard did you hit your bloody head this morning? Your name is Harry, Harry Potter!” He looked away from the screen and began eating his food, trying not to show his anger. It didn’t turn out that well. Hermione though, seemed to understand me a bit better. She looked confused and her eyebrows almost locked themselves together.

“Well, transfiguration class is in a moment. Let’s go before we’ll be late,” she said, getting up from the table. When we walked out of the great hall, she made eye contact with me and whispered that we were “going to talk about this” later.

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