Two Secret Worlds (Cross-over FanFiction)

Percy Jackson is not your average boy: he is a demigod, son of Poseidon. Neither is Harry Potter: he is a wizard and famous for surviving the killing spell.
What happens when one day the two boys wake up in new beds in new places? What happens when their souls switch bodies? **This is my entry for the Cross-Over FanFiction Competition**


6. Fight For Your Wantings


Percy’s P.O.V

I watched as Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor team’s Keeper and leader, got up on a tree stool and asked for the team’s attention.

“All right! Remember our plan: Chasers, do not be afraid of our opponents.” Wood looked directly at me. “And Harry … catch that Snitch as fast as you can. If we win this game we will go on to the final—and that is something we want to very badly.” He clapped his hands. “Who’s winning today?” he shouted. 

“GRYFFINDOR!” everyone answered in a roar.

We grabbed our broomsticks and walked out on the enormous quidditch pitch. As soon as we stepped out on the grass the crowd in the grand stands went crazy. They cheered our house’s name so loud it almost made my ears hurt. In two of the four grandstands (Gryffindor and Rawenclaw) I saw banners saying, “Potter is the best!” and “Snitch it, Potter!” Along with the banners you could hear an amount of loud voices cheering, “Harry!”

I smiled when I realized how popular Harry was with his “fans”.

We stopped at the middle of the quidditch pitch by a fierce looking lady with white, short hair. She had a silver whistle hanging around her neck and by her feet was the brown box with the quidditch balls Ron had showed me yesterday. She told everyone to get on their broomsticks and so we did.

I took a closer look at the opponents, the Huffelpuff team. They were wearing yellow and blue robes for their house, just like we were wearing our red and gold. The Seeker of Huffelpuff looked slightly anxious. I couldn’t tell what for; he was on the size of an ox and I could almost see the great muscles hiding underneath his robes. Maybe he feared me? But I had to be realistic, too. Harry’s body wasn’t build as strong as his. Still, I had an advantage of skill he probably didn’t have.

The referee opened the brown box and set free the Golden Snitch. It flew straight up in the air, but unfortunately my eyes quickly lost the sight of it. Then she set free the Bludgers and took the Quaffle in her hand. At last she took the whistle to her lips and blew it. “Let the game begin!” she yelled and threw the Quaffle high up in the air. I set off before the words had barely escaped her lips.

I watched as Gryffindor’s Chasers caught the Quaffle and raced toward Huffelpuff’s goal posts. I didn’t watch them for too long, though. I could just as well listen to the commentary, which today was hosted by an enthusiastic Rawenclaw student.

“Gryffindor starts off with the Quaffle! Johnson, Livi, Johnson, Bell … and Huffelpuff gets the ball! Payne, Toya—and Gryffindor snatches the Quaffle … they head on toward the goal posts, their game is excellent today—and Gryffindor scores!” I flashed a smile as I heard the Gryffindor crowd go crazy.

I had in the past few minutes been flying in circles above the pitch, trying to fulfill my task. My eyes had searched for the Snitch just about everywhere, but I still had no clue of where it could be. Being a Seeker in a game was apparently harder than training.

My search was temporarily prevented when a Bludger came out of nowhere. Luckily my reflexes saved me from getting beat off my broomstick. I avoided the Bludger with an inch and got saved from being smashed on the side of my head by the heavy metal ball. A red-haired boy from Gryffindor holding a bat whizzed past me with a small smile on his face. “Sorry Harry, won’t happen again!” he yelled. I wasn’t so sure, though. I guess I had to keep an open eye for Bludgers unlike Ron had told me yesterday.

And that was when I saw it.

A flick of gold.

It was far beneath me, almost at the ground, but I didn’t hesitate with flying vertically downwards right away.

“And Potter is heading straight down—maybe he’s spotted the Golden Snitch!” I heard a loud, mechanic voice say over the speakers. At that moment I hated the commentator because obviously Huffelpuff’s Seeker would now be on my track … I was right. A few seconds later I saw the figure of the big guy from Huffelpuff heading the same way as me. But, his broomstick was slow and rather old looking. Mine was fast and in good shape. I set up the speed and before I knew it I had outpaced Huffelpuff’s Seeker.

Almost in front of me was the Snitch. I could see its tiny wings flicker through the air. I reached my hand out and—POW—felt the Snitch's cold metal inside of my hand.

I raised my hand in victory to show the Snitch to everyone watching me. The crowd roared in response … at least the Houses cheering for Gryffindor did.

I couldn’t believe myself. I had just won my first quidditch game in less than ten minutes.



Harry’s P.O.V

I was sitting in the dining area and talking to Tyson about the day. He had a lot to say.

“You were so great in the battle today! I’ve got to say that your "blue" team won on a big scale.” I smiled at his comment.

“Well, thank you.” I looked down at my dinner plate: chicken, bread and vegetables. The food was well prepared, but still it couldn’t match a Hogwarts meal. I was really missing the pumpkin juice and the delicious feast. Actually, I was just missing Hogwarts in general. I missed Ron and Hermione, the teachers, the spiral towers … I might even say Draco Malfoy, my almost sworn enemy.

Was I ever going to get back? Would I have to live on with this new identity as Percy Jackson, a demigod?

My worried thinking was cut off by a skinny, blond girl standing in front of me.

“Percy?” she asked. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure.” I smiled at her.

She tilted her head a bit. “Not here. Somewhere else.”

“All right.” I stood up from the bench and told Tyson that I would be back. Then I followed Annabeth away from the dining area and out in the darkness on the big field.

We kept on walking for a few minutes. We didn’t really talk, but the silence was nice. It was like we didn’t need to communicate through words. A pale moon on the clear sky lighted up the dark night. Something about the scene made my heart beat faster.

Annabeth stopped her walking when we got to the ocean. She sat down in the high grass and stared across the blue water. I sat myself down beside her.

“What was it you wanted to talk about?” I softly asked. She turned her head a bit to look at me.

“It’s just that—“ She cut herself off. I could tell she was struggling to find the right words. “You’ve been acting ... different in these past days.”

“No, I haven’t,” I quickly spat out. My denying had almost become a reflex. I didn’t know this Percy-guy. How was I supposed to act like him when I hadn’t even met him? Annabeth and Tyson were closer than ever to figuring out my secret. It was for the best they didn’t know who I really was.

She giggled in that cute way that made me smile. “Oh yes, you have. I’m around you twenty-four-seven. I notice things. Something’s wrong, I can tell.”

I wasn’t much for admitting it, but she could be right. It wasn’t the whole body-switched thing, but it could be something else. Maybe it could have something to do with this strange feeling in my stomach. The dizzy feeling in my head that made me see everything unclear. Maybe she was right.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m sure it’s nothing,” I said. She raised her eyebrows a little and I got a look at her clearly worried eyes. She shot a quick look at the ground. Her long eyelashes looked prettier than anything I had ever seen before.

I moved my hand toward hers. Our skin touched and it sent electricity flying through my body. I wanted that moment to last forever: my hand laying on hers. But nothing last forever. Someday I will have to leave Camp Halfblood. Go back to Hogwarts. That day might arrive sooner than I want—maybe even tomorrow.

“Leave?” Annabeth whispered. I swore inaudibly when I realized I said my thought aloud. It was near to becoming a habit. “Why? You’ve only just got here.”

“I—“ This time it was me looking for words. Nothing good or worthy seemed to cross my mind. I was as blank as an unwritten paper. “It’s a long story.”

“I have time.”

“I can’t tell it now.”

“Save it for tomorrow, then.”

“I might not ever tell it.” Annabeth remained silent. She clung her hand to the grass a bit nervously.

“Why not?”

“I just can’t.”

Her hand slipped away from mine and she released her tight grip on the grass. She got up from the ground and crossed her arms tightly across her chest.

“This is too much. You know you can tell me anything, Percy.” She sighed. “You’re not yourself anymore.” I didn’t know what she was thinking. I was just as much myself now as I was a week ago—but then I realized that she of course was referring to Percy, not me. Annabeth frowned miserably. “I’ve lost you completely, haven’t I?”

I just stared at her. She probably didn’t know it, but her eyes were strikingly beautiful.

“But you know what? You don’t need anyone’s permission to leave, especially mine,” she said and shot yet another look at the ground. “I’m going back.” She turned around and started to walk away.

Suddenly I realized what I had just done. I was an idiot, a terrible idiot. I got up from the ground and ran after her.

“Wait!” I grabbed her wrist and she turned around. I couldn’t see anything but sadness in her eyes. I really had hurt her.

“Don’t go,” I begged her.

“I have to,” she said so low that you could barely call it a whisper.

In my confusion I did what I for quite a time had been longing to do: I kissed her.

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