Two Secret Worlds (Cross-over FanFiction)

Percy Jackson is not your average boy: he is a demigod, son of Poseidon. Neither is Harry Potter: he is a wizard and famous for surviving the killing spell.
What happens when one day the two boys wake up in new beds in new places? What happens when their souls switch bodies? **This is my entry for the Cross-Over FanFiction Competition**


7. Epilogue


Percy’s P.O.V

I was standing straight and excitingly in Professor Dumbledore’s office. Ron and Hermione had also this time accompanied to the headmaster of Hogwarts. We were all close to exploding of our many questions, but we knew that we had to act proper around the Professor. I looked down on the floor and noticed that my foot had started tipping. “So, Professor,” I said, “have you found the spell yet?” Dumbledore’s face grew serious.

“Yes, Percy, I have,” he said and nodded slowly. “But before you go truly into this I will have to remind you that the soul spell is very powerful and most of all dangerous.”

“That doesn’t matter to me, sir. I can’t live as Harry Potter forever. All I want is to have my body back,” I answered quietly.

“Unfortunate cases have been seen before, Percy,” Hermione told me. I turned around to look at her.

I raised a brow. “What do you mean?”

“The soul spell have before resulted in jet another soul-switch; in stead of the original soul returning to its body. This means that you might not end up in your own body and that you just as well could find yourself in an ordinary Muggle’s when you wake up next morning.”

I threw my hands up in the air. “Professor Dumbledore’s a great wizard, right? That’s what I heard, anyway! He’ll be able to change me back just fine,” I assured her (even though I mostly said it to calm myself down from the worry she just gave me). “And how do you even know about this?”

“I read about it in the library,” she confidently said. I turned to Dumbledore again.

“Sorry for that,” I mumbled.

“Oh, I can assure you it is fine,” he smiled. “Tell me Mr. Jackson, are you ready to get your body back?”

“Don’t ever ask. I was ready for what feels like ages ago.”

The Professor took out his long weird-looking wand and laid it on his desk. Just as I though he was about to do the spell I felt a couple of arms around my chest. I turned around and saw Hermione’s brown, bushy hair.

“It was nice knowing you, Percy,” she said and smiled. “It really was.” I returned the hug.

“You too.”

“Yes, nice meeting you,” Ron said and awkwardly raised his hand for a wave. “I hope things will turn out right for you in the future.”

“I hope the same for you.” I gave him a small smile.

I watched as Hogwarts’ headmaster raised his wand and pointed it toward me. He whispered a few hoarse words and a thin, white line shot out of his wand’s tip. Then everything went black.



I felt something wet and cold on my forehead. It must’ve been some kind of a cloth. A hand was holding it there with a soft grip on the side of my head. I could sense the soft light in the room, which made the darkness behind my eyelids light up a bit. My eyes flickered open.

The first thing I saw was grey. Steel-grey eyes gazing into mine. Then I saw the blond hair laying down her back and the orange T-shirt with the print Camp Halfblood. When I had opened my eyes she had lit up in a smile.

She always gave me those special butterflies. Annabeth.

“There you are,” she said. “You’ve been here for a couple of hours.” I looked at the room I was in: the helping center in Camp Halfblood. I was back at home.

“You past out,” she continued. “Out of nowhere. It scared me a bit, actually. I hadn’t seen you like that before.” She tried to take the cloth off my forehead, but I stopped her.

“Don’t.” I liked the way her hand laid on my cheek, the way I could feel the warmth from her skin when it touched mine.

She smiled a little and obeyed. Then she bowed down and kissed my lips softly. When she sat up again I could almost feel the blood flushing to my cheeks.

“What was that for?” I asked her.

“Oh, you know,” she said and took the cloth off my forehead. “I’ll be back later.” She stood up from the ground and took a few steps toward the exit openings. Then she was gone.

I bit my lip and replayed the previous moment in my head again. Annabeth had kissed me. My dream-girl had kissed me. I couldn’t believe it. I thanked Harry Potter in my head. He must’ve done something right if he caught Annabeth’s attention while being me. I sighed happily and closed my eyes thankfully.



Harry’s P.O.V

I woke up to a shaky voice whispering my name in fear. “Harry?” I didn’t open my eyes. It was like my eyelashes were glued together. “Please wake up,” the voice went on. A stronger yet frightened voice took over. “Harry, you need to wake up. I am serious.” I felt a sharp pain as something pointy pricked my chest hard. I moaned and my eyes shot open. I spotted two familiar faces just above mine: a brown-haired girl with large front teeth and a redheaded boy with blue eyes. Suddenly I realized who they were and smiled.

“Ron? Hermione?” They hugged me tight and I stood up as soon as they loosened their grip on me. I took a finger to my nose back. I was wearing my glasses.

“What happened? I was in this place called Camp Halfblood and … there was so much exciting to do and see,” I said.

“It’s called soul-switching,” Hermione said. “Simply told, your soul just got a new home for a few days.”

“Oh.” It was not that I hadn’t realized it yet; I just hadn’t heard it aloud before now. “So how did this happen?”

“It’s a longer story,” Ron said. “But we’re just glad you’re finally back!”

“Me too, guys,” I said. "Me too."

I was going to miss Camp Halfblood and Annabeth, but after all I had my own life here at Hogwarts. I was meant to be a wizard—not a demigod.

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