Dreams Come True

Ally finds out she won the Bring Me to 1D contest and she totally freaks. She brings her friend Erica along and they fly from DC to New York to see One Direction in concert. She has waited the past two years of her life to meet the boys, especially Niall. Just the thought of touching, seeing, and smelling One Direction cause her to become light headed. When she meets Niall and the boys, will her romance dreams come true? Will Niall fall for her as much as Ally has fallen for him?

This is my first of many Movellas.


7. Chapter 5

*Riiiiiiiiing* *Riiiiiiiiing* *Riiiiiiiiing* *Riiiiiiiiing*

"What?!"  I pick up the hotel phone and answer a bit too loudly.  I feel my hair stick to my neck and face and I touch the oily tips, ew.

"Good morning, Ally Alfonzo.  This is your wake-up call."  The front desk guy or whatever completes his call like he didn't even hear me. 

"I didn't ask for some wake-up call."  I say, morning breath bouncing off the end of the phone and into my nose.  I slowly put my finger in front of the two nostrils to block out the ugly stench. 

"I did, sorry Ally, I like to wake up early."  Erica shouts from behind the bathroom door, probably plucking her eyebrows.

"Maybe someone in your room did.  I'm sorry if I am false."  The guy on the phone didn't hear a word Erica said.

"It's alright.  She just told me she did, thank you."

"Have a nice day."  And he hangs up.

"Erica you know I hate waking up early!  You owe me A LOT!  What time is it?  7:15?!  Erica!!!"  I punch my fists on either side of me as I lay on my back, staring at the smooth, eggshell ceiling.  I finally realize that today is the concert, and the day I will see Niall Horan's face.  Not on a screen, not on a magazine page, and not on a poster.  The real thing.  Made of his flesh and blood.  OH MY GOD.  But I'm too tired to do anything.  It's hard to talk to people before 10 am.  I feel my eyelids grow heavier and heavier and fall asleep before Erica can answer. 




I wake up on my own, eyes well-rested and ready to examine my surroundings.  I take in the rays of light from the open curtains and stretch my legs and arms under the covers. I open one eye, see the city buildings outside the think, sound-proof glass, I open the other eye, and see some random girls with Erica.

"What the hell?"  I sit up and grumble out the words.  My hair is everywhere and I smell like crap.  Why did Erica bring random people here. 

"Oh, Ally!  You're awake!  Finally!  I was about to blast One Direction and Ke$Ha music to wake you up."  Erica stands up from her little circle of girls and tugs the blankets off of my body.

"You monster.  Pulling off my blankets."  I curl up into a ball and lay there, pathetically.

"Ally, get up!  It's 1 o'clock and we only have five hours until the concert.  And I need you to meet my friends."

I groan again and finally get the courage to swing my feet onto the ground.  I push myself up and turn to go get some clothes.  "Don't tell me anything important until I'm fully awake.  Tell me when I'm out of the shower."  And I close the door to the bathroom.  I lock it and peel off my One direction pajamas.  I hop in the shower and do what needs to be done with my hair.  About twenty minutes pass and I turn the faucet off.  I take heavy breaths, breathing in thick, humid air from my shower.  The towel I wrap around myself is warm and comfortable and makes me smile.  Today is going to be magical.  When I am completely dry I slip on some blue jeans and a toasty yellow cropped sweater.  I insert little rhinestone studs in my ears and let my hair drip-dry to its perfect curls.  I slap on some mascara and brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner.  The pink blush floats across my skin when I put it on.  I look over myself in the mirror, I look OK.  I'll get all dolled up when I'm out today.  The door opens with a silent swing and I sit next to Erica on the red couch. 

"Hey girl, took you awhile to get ready.  But anyway, Ally, meet Annelise, Gabrielle, Miriam, and Tziona.  Annelise and Gabrielle are from France, and Miriam and Tziona are from Israel." 

I wave and say, "Hello, nice to meet you guys."

"They all speak English, but you can communicate with Annie and Gabby in French.  I know you love to show off."  I give Erica a look and she smirks.

"Tu parles francais?"  Annelise looks at me questionably with her brown eyes.

"Oui, depuis l'ecole elementaire.  But, I'm losing it, so let's get back to English so everyone can understand."  They all nod and I try to keep the conversation moving. "You guys won the Bring Me to 1D contest?" 

"Yes we did and we are so exited!  We're gonna meet One freaking Direction!!!!!!!!"  Miriam kicks up her legs and gets all giddy.

I laugh and say, "You know, we need some clothes for the concert.  And this is New York.  And there's a One Direction store.  And we're Directioners."

"And we need to go!"  Tziona yells.

"Now!"  Gabrielle adds.  She grabs all of us and we tumble out of our hotel room.

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