Dreams Come True

Ally finds out she won the Bring Me to 1D contest and she totally freaks. She brings her friend Erica along and they fly from DC to New York to see One Direction in concert. She has waited the past two years of her life to meet the boys, especially Niall. Just the thought of touching, seeing, and smelling One Direction cause her to become light headed. When she meets Niall and the boys, will her romance dreams come true? Will Niall fall for her as much as Ally has fallen for him?

This is my first of many Movellas.


5. Chapter 4

"Here are your rooms, please call the front desk if you need anything."  The bell boy gently drops our luggage onto our hotel beds.  I slowly twirl around, taking in the magnificent hotel room.  The curtains and carpets and bedsheets are red, and the wallpaper and fringe of the fabrics are gold.  The late-night moon shines through the picture window and the separated curtains.  I peer out the perfect shiny glass and admire the city's skyscrapers and Madison Square Garden stadium where all my dreams will come true.  I look down at my bouncy hair and stare at the little strands of red in my sea of chocolate brown locks.  I have my aunt to thank for that.  I take in a deep breath and fill my nose with the smell of soap and lilacs.  I can't believe 1D management could afford this.

"Thank you, have a nice day."  I tell the kind bell boy as I place a decent tip in his hand.

"You as well.  Good night."  The man leaves the room and Erica flops down on her bed.

"This place is amazing."  She says, her gray eyes circulating the room and finishing at the bathroom.  "I gotta see the bathroom.  I bet it's awesome."  She rolls off the bed and jogs into the Dove soap-scented room.  "Holy shit!  That bathtub is huge!  And they have complimentary bath bombs from Lush!  Ally, I'm not leaving this place once the meet-up is over!"

I just sigh and lay down on one of the two beds.  I roll my head over to the table between our two beds and spot speakers and an iPod and iPhone dock.  I plug in my phone and play the music.

"It's not me, it's not you, there's a reason," I turn up the music until the whole gigantic hotel room is filled with One Direction, Another World.  "I'm just tryin' to read the signals I'm receiving.  It's like a stone on fire, can you feel it?"  Erica comes running out of the bathroom and turns the music up even louder. 

"I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU GIRL, BUT I BELIEVE IT!!!!"  She starts to shout over the music. I laugh and start singing too.

"WORDS WILL BE JUST WORDS, UNTIL YOU BRING THEM TO LIFE!!!!"  I sing along to my little Nialler's solo and jump on the bed.  I'm going to meet that sexy beast.  I'm going to touch him, no doubt about it.  My smile grows bigger and next thing I know I'm doing cartwheels around the place.  I'm so happy I feel like I could hug a unicorn.  "I'LL LIFT YOU UP, I'LL NEVER STOP!!!  YOU KNOW I'LL TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER WORLD!!!!!!"  If I die after I meet One Direction, I won't mind at all.  I met my idols, and my dreams came true.  "I'LL BUILD YOU UP, I'LL NEVER STOP!!!!!!  YOU KNOW I'LL TAKE YOU TO ANOTHER WORLD!!!!!!"

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