Dreams Come True

Ally finds out she won the Bring Me to 1D contest and she totally freaks. She brings her friend Erica along and they fly from DC to New York to see One Direction in concert. She has waited the past two years of her life to meet the boys, especially Niall. Just the thought of touching, seeing, and smelling One Direction cause her to become light headed. When she meets Niall and the boys, will her romance dreams come true? Will Niall fall for her as much as Ally has fallen for him?

This is my first of many Movellas.


6. A/N

Hey guys!  Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to read my story!  Unfortunately, my week-end is packed with events and I will probably not get another chapter in until Monday! :'(  But this one will be worth the wait.  The whole story doesn't really have anything to do with the REAL Bring Me to 1D contest, so it's not going to be EXACTLY like the videos on OneDirectionVEVO. 

Thanks for reading


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