Across the Atlantic

"You're going to live with your Father...." was the worst sentence America Hastings had ever heard spew from her crazy mothers mouth; granted her mother wasn't very sane to begin with having a new boyfriend disaster every other month which meant America hadn't stayed anywhere very long until now.

With her life turned upside down with one final decision, America moves across the Atlantic Ocean to London to live with a "Dad" only mentioned like what?? Once or twice in her whole life. But with a twist of fate and cute shoes and those make-your-butt-look-realllllllly-good jeans America might just meet that one guy and end up loving her Dad more than she ever imagined she would.


1. Prologue / Ch1- Sky High

Author's Note: All Names,Places,Dates, ect are mine and mine only. If in any case you see something used that is the work of someone else please let me know. If I use an example/place/ect from a work of something else credit will be given at the beginning of each chapter. I LOVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM PLEASE PLEASE, BUT NO FLAMES. ALSO LOOKING FOR A BETA AS MY GRAMMAR IS SOMETIMES REAAAALLLY SHODDY.



     "You're going to live with your Father, Joey really doesn't like to have kids in the house-." My mother didn't even finish her sentence before she scurried out to get Joey another beer. Psh, like he needs another one. As the door hinge clicked into place signaling the end of the one sided command i'd been given. I fell back on my bed with a sigh, and contemplated what my life would be like with my dad.



Chapter One

Sky High  

    "America Danielle Hastings you get your ass down here right now, I have some things to say to you missy!" My mothers shrill i-want-to-be-20-years-younger pitched voice climbed the stairs like wildfire and invaded the space of my room. I dropped the last shirt from my closet into the humongous suitcase and rain down stairs to face the fire. I found my mom draped in Joey's- her newest youngest boyfriend- tan scrawny arms milking the last drop of vodka from the clear bottle she was clutching. 

   "You called?" I spat, I had no respect for the so called mother lounging in a guy who could be my bestfriend arms and sending me half way across the world because he didn't like me. "Yes dear Joey's ready to take you to airport, so get your stuff and put it in the truck." I almost gagged since Joey's arrival he'd been winking,whispering, and doing all the things you shouldn't be trying to do to a 17 year old girl. Not to mention your girlfriends daughter. I didn't even have the strength to retort that she should get her sorry ass up and take me herself, she being my mother and all. I gripped the banister leading up to my room, memories flooding back of a sober mom who actually acted like she loved me. I shook off the tears threatening to shower my face and raced upstairs to grab my suitcases. Before going out to the truck I ran as fast as I could to the barn. I wanted to give Hero a kiss before i left and maybe a big hug and huge carrot. I was going to miss my gelding. I guess I should inform you that i'm a country girl to heart. Yeah, boots,jeans,and sparkling blue eyes. My wild red hair and brown skin made me an exotic looking 'creature' at my old school dubbed Hickbilly High by ... well just me because I'm not that good at making friends. When I reached the barn, I didn't hear the distinctive whinny that Hero usually made when i came in. My face crumpled and I ran to his stall to find it barren and cold, just a lump of hay and harnesses scattered on the floor.

  That was when the tears fell, my mother the alcoholic sold my prized mare off to buy a few bottles of Vodka and pop a few pills with her boyfriend. I was so angry that my breath came faster and soon i was leaning on the stall door gasping and sobbing, tears falling down like a summer rain hot,wet, and sticky. "AUHHHMERRRRRRICAAA where are you child, it's time to go get on the planey thingy." My mother catcalled in her Georgia southern drunken drawl. I drew myself up and stalked out of the barn and straight up to my mother. "How could you, how dare you sell Hero." She had the nerve to look shocked, her face turning tomato red then anger marred her once beautiful figure. Before I could even grab her wrist her palm landed flat against my face with a whooshing sound then a sting. I gasped, my mother was many things but she'd never ever ever hit me before. I looked into her eyes "Goodbye mom." And then I ran, grabbing my suitcases and hauling it back to Joeys' truck. 

The ride to the airport was spent with country music blasting and Joey speeding 90mph all the way to airport. I guess he was glad to be rid of me. When we finally arrived I clambered out of the truck and began collecting my suitcases, I felt Joey saddling up behind me and whipped around. He had a toothy grin on his face as he gave me the elevator stare from the bottoms of my studded cow'girl' boots to my slim fit jeans and the unfortunate double d cup breasts. "America, you're a real pretty girl don't let those British boys deflowe- "get away from me Joey, you sick bastard." 

I pushed past him ready to begin a new life


    ...... do you think i should continue?? let me know



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