Modern Seven Dwarfs

Kay thought she was all alone when her seven dwarfs pulled themselves out of her life... After one night of a yelling match between her family and herself, Kay ran away to her friend's house....or so she thought.... Join her journey through all the characters and learn of all their odd history..


1. Kidnapped

Hello readers! This is my very first story and I hope y'all will enjoy it. So the main chracter's name is Kay, and she's a girl.. She's our "Snow White" to the "Seven Dwarfs" Read the Prologue as Kay begins her awkward journey... (: Comment and fan, maybe? I accept all comments :D Enjoy~

       "Kayla Jane Tatum! Go to your room till your dinner's ready! And stay there!" yelled John Tatum, father to Kayla, or, as other people call her, Kay. 

       In a huff, she stomped up the stairs to her room. She just couldn't understand her parents. Why were they so harsh? Why couldn't they just listen to her instead of always ordering her around?

      She grabbed her red duffel bag and began packing up some clothes and necessities, including her diary. She went to her drawer and grabbed her piggy bank and her MP3. She went back to her bed and packed those things in. She knelt on the floor and peered under her bed. Without hesitation, she grabbed her box of art supplies and took out a new sketchpad along with her old one that was...filled with their portraits...

      If only...if only they were still with her. If only they had not made her choose, then she would have been happier. If only, oh if only... 


There you go, I know, it's very short for a prolouge, but I'm new at this stuff. Please forgive me? 




Here's Chapter one! This is where the REAL journey begins. I do hope that you will love it :D Gimme some comments, I'll try my best to edit if I see that editting is needed. Enioy it readers~


Anderson aka ‘Ajax’ POV


It was a cold but still beautiful night. We were waiting for our ‘victim’, Kay, to show up coz we just heard her screaming at her parents and the door to her house slammed. One of our accomplices, Asriel, was tailing her. Therefore, we got into our positions and waited for her.

Suddenly, she turned around. We signaled Asriel to walk under the shadows. He did. She kept walking but was faster than usual. We signaled to Asriel to walk but requested his footsteps to a bit be louder.

Sure enough, she turned around again. Me, Adam and Asriel came out from under the shadows. She turned around to run but we signaled for the others, Alan, Harry, Hazen, and Don, to come out of their positions.

I could see from her face that she was having one of her usual asthma attacks. So we took this chance to close in on her and literally drag her to the van, where our ‘big brother’ was waiting. I didn’t want to do it but I gripped her wrists. Then I told Alan to give her the jab. She was out in a few seconds.

The ride to the house took quite a while. So we checked out her bag. She seemed to be planning to run away from home, coz we saw her clothes, piggy bank, diary, sketchpad and MP3. I opened her sketchbook and was surprised to see sketches of us when we were in school.

I sighed deeply. The others turned to look at me.

“What’s the matter bro? Something bothering you?” Asriel asked.

“Take a look at this and you’ll understand,” I said to him quietly.

He took it from my hands and flipped through the pages. He seemed to be upset. Well, so was I. I can’t believe that she won’t forget about us.

Three-quarters of an hour later, the van stopped. We got out and carried her unconscious body out with us. We thanked our big bro, Jason, for helping. We offered to pay him but he turned down the offer.

“I’d do anything to see her happy again,” he said solemnly.

He drove off and left us to the empty house. I rushed back after them. I silently closed the door. It pains me to gag her and tie up her hands. I sighed and sat down on one of the old chairs.

She finally woke up hours later. She saw us and seemed to be crying. Adam went up to her.

“Is something wrong?” he asked her. He gently took out the gag from her mouth and let her speak.

“N… N… Nothing sir…” she lied. I could tell she was lying.

“Okay then. You don’t have to be afraid of us. We did this for a reason. We know you and you definitely know us,” he said with humor in his voice.

“Okay then,” she said nervously.

Adam untied her and took her hand. He brought her to us. He handcuffed her to a chair. She sat down, looking around nervously.

“Do you think you know who we are?” Adam spoke calmly to her.

“No sir,” she replied, her voice cracked. I could see that she was staring at Adam’s eyes. Maybe she was guessing who he was.

“There’s no need to be formal here. To tell you the truth, I’m about your age. I won’t tell you my name but just call me… Joker,” he said, in the same voice.

I was trying to suppress a smile when he said that.

“Um… Okay Joker,” she said, voice not cracked this time but was still shaking.

Everyone seemed to be staring at her, including me. This could be the reason why she looked down. I wanted to test out something; I wanted to see whether she could recognize me. I gently cupped her face with my hand and made her look me in the eyes. I stared at her until she dared to look at me. When she finally looked, I could feel my own face soften up. I let go of her face.

“Why can’t she recognize my eyes? I seriously miss looking at her pretty face,” I whispered to Adam.

“Kay, my friend here, let’s call him Ajax, okay? Ajax is asking why you can’t recognize his eyes. And also says that he misses staring at your beautiful face,” said Adam. I was so shocked when he said that last sentence that my hand automatically whacked his arm.

“Relax Ajax. Her face is beautiful and you know it,” he added coyly.

“D… D… Do I have to answer that now?” she asked.

Adam looked at me for an answer. I just shrugged, meaning anything goes. So it was up to her whether or not she wanted to answer…

I could see her struggling to find an answer. She seemed to be hyperventilating again. I tried to signal to Adam to stop with the questions.

He seemed to be okay revealing his voice to her. Funny.






 Adam aka ‘Joker’s’ POV


I was helping Anderson ask Kay a question. Looks like the others are way too chicken to reveal their voices to her. I don’t think she could even recognize my voice, let alone theirs.

“D… D… Do I have to answer that now?” she asked.

I looked at Anderson for an answer. He just shrugged.

“Not really. He just wonders why you can’t recognize his eyes,” I replied.

“I don’t know. Maybe coz, right now I can’t really breathe and my chest really, really, really hurts a lot. And I can’t seem to be able to concentrate on trying to remember things when I’m in this state and I really, really would appreciate it if someone helps me find my inhaler before I…” her answer stopped right here. Wanna know why? Coz she blacked out.

We were all panicking. I saw Anderson running towards her things. He emptied her bag and began to search for something.

“Asriel, find a bowl, fill it with water, and get a cloth too,” I said to Asriel, my brother from another mother. Not literally. It’s just that we’ve known each other for quite sometime. And I see him as my best bro.

I looked at where Anderson was. He finally found the thing he was looking for.

“Hey guys! I found it! I found her inhaler,” he said excitedly.

“Got the water?” I asked Asriel.

“Yup! What do I do now?” he asked in return.

“Cuff her to your wrist. Sit down on the floor, lay her head on your lap, and wipe her face,” I said aloud. It’s funny how her breathing is still going on fast. “She’s breathing kind of fast.”

“That’s coz she’s having an asthma attack. The moment she wakes up, give her the inhaler. She could die if she continues breathing at this rate,” Anderson said, his voice full of worry.

“She’s gonna be fine bro, don’t worry about it. We’re all here to take care of her. That’s our plan remember? When she’s ready, we’ll reveal our true identity to her, okay?” I reassured him.

“*sigh*… Okay. But we don’t torture her; we don’t hurt her in anyway at all, okay? Anybody does that, will get it from me,” he said, threateningly.

“Alright. You’re the boss,” I said, putting up my hands in the air.

“No, I’m not. In this group, there is no boss. We’re just gonna be responsible for our own actions, aite?” he said.

“Okay. Relax bro. don’t get all tense here,” I said.

I saw movement around Asriel’s area and decided to check it out.

“Oh good, you’re awake. I was panicking when you fainted. I erm… found your inhaler,” I said. She turned around and looked at me. She saw her inhaler in my hand. She was still hyperventilating so I gave it to her. She took off the cover and pressed it into her mouth. Her breathing slowed and I heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank you, Joker,” she whispered. Her voice was coarse. Anderson offered her a glass of water. She hesitated for a while before taking the glass and drinking it.

“Are you hungry?” I asked. She shook her head.

“Are you sure?” I asked again. She nodded her head. Asriel took off his end of the handcuff and cuffed her to Anderson.

She was quiet throughout the whole hour. Asriel got her the rest of her things.

“Thank you,” she said softly. She searched her bag for something. When she found it, she took it out. Oh. She just wanted to listen to music. Huh. Funny.

 I thought she would be looking for her phone but… never mind then.

She seemed to be looking intently at something in her MP3. I peeked around her and saw that she was looking at our pics. Alan, Harry, Hazen, and Don seemed to be staring at her.  But she ignored them. Ha. Funny yet again. Looks like our old gal Kay, hasn’t really changed that much.

She looked like she was crying coz Anderson was wiping away her tears. He used some kind of sign language or something to talk to her. Typical. He still didn’t wanna reveal his voice to her. He hesitated in wanting to do something but I think he tried it out anyway. He actually put his arm around her shoulders. Smooth move brother.

She stopped crying after a while. I wondered why Anderson was taking care of her so well. Soon after, she fell asleep. She looked pretty damn tired after all that happened.

Anderson carried her into one of the rooms. He wrapped a blanket around her when he saw her shivering. Since he was still cuffed to her, he got the chance to keep an eye on her. I sat at the corner of the room, in case they needed anything.

She seemed to have woken up. She didn’t notice me at the corner of the room. She moved a bit and Anderson noticed it. He looked up and she pretended to be asleep.

Anderson stayed where he was. He stroked her head and brushed away her fringe that was covering her face. She drifted back to real sleep.

The next moment, I was awake again. Kay was screaming. Anderson was up, by her side. Asriel rushed into the room. I ran to her side at the exact same time the others came in.

“What happened? Did Ajax do something to you? Why are you crying?” I asked her several questions at once. I don’t think she could answer them all at once coz there was a confused look plastered on her face.








Asriel aka ‘Dice’s' POV


Adam was asking her several questions at once; I couldn’t understand a single word he said. I went to her side and tried as hard as I could to calm her down. She buried her face into my chest and cried her eyes out. Suddenly, I remembered something. Whenever she slept over at my house, she would cry in the middle of the night.

When this happens, I would sing her the lullaby that I made for her. I gave it a try. I hummed it softly. She heard it and calmed down. She looked at me with a shocked look on her face. She hugged me tightly.

“How did you know?” she asked me, still shocked.

I looked at Adam for help. His eyes were searching for an answer. He finally got it.

“We read your diary. Sorry about that. We just wanted to know more about you. And we heard your lullaby on your MP3. Once again, sorry,” said Adam hurriedly.

“Oh… That’s okay. It’s good that I stopped crying. Coz if I didn’t, I would start hyperventilating again. And I thought…” she stopped there on her answer. She seemed to be remembering something. But she seemed rather upset by the thought.

“Look, I know it’s none of my business, but would you like to talk about why you cried before?” Adam asked.

“Is it okay if I talk to you, Ajax and uh… him alone?” she said while pointing to me.

“Okay… By the way, he says you can call him Dice…” Adam replied.

The others went out of the room. The room was silent for a while. She did some breathing before she began. Must be trying to get the whole story out.

“It’s just… I miss my guy friends. All seven of them. I had a special nickname for each of them. But I never did tell them. A few months ago, all eight of us, including me, we all argued about the stupidest thing ever.

“We argued about who I would choose as my boyfriend among the six of them. Somehow, I already rounded down my choices to three of them: Asriel, Adam, and Anderson. It’s funny you know. They might think I’m biased coz… I chose the three people who have made me smile and laugh whenever we hang out,” she said. I smiled when she said my name.

“Of course I told them the people that I chose. At first, I thought that they were okay with my choices… But, in school, the three that I chose and the other four; Alan, Hazen, Harry, and Don weren’t talking to each other. Neither one of the groups would talk to me either. I was so upset with myself. Somehow, I wished I didn’t choose anyone at all. Coz all of them are special to me,” she said while sighing. I frowned when she said this. I was so stupid not to talk to her.

“I love them all equally, but whenever I’m alone with the people I chose, especially Anderson, I felt very weird. I have never felt weird when I was alone with the other four. Well, now they don’t talk to me on MSN anymore, they don’t text me anymore, and they don’t call me anymore,” she continued. I was a bit jealous when she said Anderson. I thought she always liked me the most.

“We made a promise to be the eight best friends forever but I guess they forgot about it. They might be happy that I’m kidnapped. I guess it would be good for them if I weren’t there anymore. They could be the seven best friends forever.” At this part, I actually wanted to tell her I didn’t forget coz I was the one who came up with the promise.

“I really miss them and if they were here, I would tell them that I was sorry. Even though I wasn’t biased, I will still feel that it was my fault. I made them jealous of each other. Seriously speaking, I don’t like the three that way. I just chose them coz they were the nicest to me. The others would play tricks that hurt me on the inside but I would laugh along with them anyway.

“That’s all I have to say. I know it was a rather long story but every now and then, I would see flashbacks of them. My seven Guardian Angels. My bodyguards. My… Best Friends.” She ended the story.

“Do you really think that they’re not worried?” Adam asked. “Do you think that they would be happy if you were kidnapped and never returned?”

“I don’t know. But I would give anything to see their faces. I would hug them all for a very, very, very long time, and I would not let go until maybe my arms will have cramps all over. I love them just as they are. I don’t want them to fight over me. I don’t want our friendship to end. And I still remember the last time we had an outing. We went to the beach and sort of camped overnight. We slept next to each other. It was very fun, but I guess now I won’t have the chance to do so anymore.

“Hazen is Kris the Joker aka KJ is always making me laugh, especially when I’m upset with either one of them. Even though he always irritates me with lectures to follow the right path, I have always treasured Harry, who is Troy the Gentleman aka, TG for all the wise words he says to me.

“Don is Noel the Funny aka NF, even though he’s always late, I could always count on him to help me get things before the gatherings, which is possibly the reason why he was always late. He’s also the computer guy in our group

“Anderson is Jackie the Cutie aka JC, he’s the one who always looks so sleepy coz his eyes… Well, I don’t really wanna talk about it. They will always look cute to me.

“Alan aka Black, the guy who can do fancy foot work while playing ‘sepak takraw’. Asriel is Donnie the Horny aka DH, my problem solver, the person who created my lullaby, my ‘tissue paper’, my consoler and my soother. Last but not least…” I was suppressing a laugh when she said this. I wonder what made her call me Horny.

“Adam is Harry the Blurry aka HB, he’s my story teller. The one with the most interesting stories. The one with the heart of gold. The one with the sincerity always in his eyes. The one who never ever forgets his friends’ birthday,” she said all those words while letting the tears flow down her face. Then she really ended the story with our group motto, “Alive or dead, we will always have each other no matter where or when…”

“I guess that’s my story. I’m declaring myself obsessed with my guy friends,” she added, wiping her tears away.

Anderson took off his end of the cuff and cuffed me. He and Adam left the room immediately. They left me alone with her. I kept staring at her. She grabbed her MP3 and put it on full blast. She seemed to be listening to our lullaby. She nodded off once or twice before falling to a deep sleep yet again…

I carried her out off the room and into the living room. I called Anderson over.

“Why did you leave the room? You know I’m uncomfortable whenever I’m alone with her,” I chided.

“Sorry dude. But we were trying not to cry in front of her. I hate it when she has to see me cry,” he said.

I softened up and decided to let it go.  She moved a bit. Seeing her sleep made me want to sleep. So I laid my head right beside her. I listened to her breathing. It was so steady that I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw of tears coming out of her eyes. I wiped them away. I put her head on my lap. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. I missed doing that to her. Every time before we go home, after we hung out, I’d give her a hug, remind her to call me and kiss her on the forehead.


A few hours later, she woke up. She seemed to hear something familiar. She got up. I had to get up too coz I was still cuffed to her.

“Can you take this off? Please? It’s starting to hurt my wrist,” she said. I looked at her wrist and saw the mark made by the cuff.

So I took it of coz my wrist was starting to hurt too. After that, I left the room. She seemed to want to be alone for a while. I went outside.






Harry aka ‘Sane’s' POV


I saw her and Asriel cuffed together. Hmm… I wonder why she doesn’t look at me. Oh yeah. I’m a ‘kidnapper’. Of course she wouldn’t wanna look at me. Well, I really wanna talk to her. But I don’t know about what… I wish she would just look at me. Though she is being kidnapped. He he.

She looks so cute. I ‘accidentally’ read her diary while she was sleeping. She wrote mostly good things about me. But the bad things, ugh, just unbearable. She says I should mind my own business. Hah! As if that’s easy. Whenever she gets herself into trouble, I take the blame most of the time, but she asks me to mind my own business. Well, what to the ever. I ain’t never gonna mind my own business when it comes to her.

She seems to be writing in her diary. Must be about her experience here. Which I might say, is a pretty good one. She should be happy we kidnapped her. If other people were to kidnap her, she would be dead by now.

Hmm… I wonder what made me this way. Maybe I’m jealous. I mean, I do have a 3-year crush on her. However, she seemed to like Anderson, Adam, and Asriel more. I wish she would listen to me more often. Then she wouldn’t be in so much trouble…

Hey, she’s singing. *sigh*… I miss her sweet voice. She always manages to calm me down with it. Whenever I’m angry with… Asriel or Adam… she seems to stop me right before I hit them. She uses soothing words. But…

There was one time. I couldn’t control myself. I was about to hit Anderson coz he pissed me off about something stupid he said about Kay. She said she didn’t mind and that he was only teasing. She intervened by standing in front of him. I accidentally gave her a black eye. She couldn’t see with her left eye for the whole week.

There is a plus side to it though. I was made to be her ‘eye’ for that whole week. I took her to school. And sent her back home. I sat beside her every recess time, even when I have to sit with a bunch of noisy and bitchy girls. And… I got to hold her hand! I will never forget that week for as long as I might possibly live.

She stopped singing. I noticed that Adam and the others were listening to her from the other room. They came in her room, their faces looked concerned.

“Are you okay?” Adam asked eyes full of concern.

“Yeah. I guess. Why do you ask?” she asked back in return.

“Oh okay. I just heard you singing a song and wondered… Well, I know it’s yet again none of my business… But have you ever been happy without them?” Adam said in a voice that was full of emotion and curiosity.

It just cuts me deeply to look at her pained expression when Adam mentioned about ‘them’, which is really us. But, I guess we have to keep our identity a secret. She seemed to be holding back her tears. She took a deep breath before speaking.

“Before I met them, my life was Hell. After I met them, they made such a great impact in it that I could never even think of letting them go,” she answered, her voice breaking as if on the verge of crying.

“Hmm… Okay then,” he said.

I actually wanted to say that maybe, they were waiting for her to talk to them first. Or rather ‘we’. I just wanted to… to go there and hug her. And never, ever, ever let her go. I’d be able to keep a very, very close eye on her this way.

I wonder what she sees in Asriel, Adam, and Anderson. They are normal humans like me. I’ve known her longer than the rest of them. So I know the two songs she likes the most: ‘Could I have this kiss forever’ & ‘I want to spend my lifetime loving you’. I love these two songs as well. I wish I could sing them with her one day. When we’re all friends again.

Hmm… I’ve never thought of that before. She can’t live without us and I can’t live without her. I want to tell her that I like her. I have to tell her that I like her. I must tell her that I like her! Someday… 



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