Decide To

This is a poem about humanity and how hard it is to lead a good life, when there are so many around you, not living their life well.


1. Decide To

Decide To


As you worry, time passes away,

Wound up in anxiety you finish the day,

You’ll never find any answers looking from your starlit window.

There’s nothing out there.

You’re a tailor made fake, aren’t you? Different to each new friend you make,

Faceted like a diamond, crafted instead of botched and faceless like you.

Don’t lie to yourself.


Already you’ve wasted the time on your hands,

You revel and plan this weakness and sorrow. 

Don’t! Throw the doubt and unknown for what you want,

What is best, it makes no difference what the rest


Break out from the shadow of fear,

Make a choice and hold belief that:

Here is you; no more faceless but one.

Become a true person, don’t believe you will worsen

Or be swayed by the person who never knew their way,

And led you astray....

Decide. Decide to be good.

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