Pretty Little Demi-god?

Aria Montgomery always has a secret to keep, but, what if this one, she had no idea of?


1. Pretty Little what?

Aria Montgomery sat in her Science class, mindlessly twisting a piece of hair around her finger as the teacher drowned on about the ancient cities and their religions and that stuff.

"Uh, Aria, you have been summed to the office." Said her teacher, Aria was confused, but decided to let it go, she was glad just to get out of class. She got up, gathered her stuff and began to walk out of the classroom when all of a sudden someone grabbed her and put their hand over her mouth.

"Sh, its alright just don't talk or move." A boy, Aria guessed whispered in her ear as another boy ran down the hall in burnt clothes and hair.

"Grover! You could've helped!" The boy screamed running and Grover, and Aria followed.

"Sorry, Perce but Annabeth told me to get the girl no matter how much you were struggling! You know, how much we need campers, and we are lucky we found her!" Grover said to his friend.

"Yeah, yeah, so what is her name?" The boys continued to act like she wasn't there.

"Aria. Aria Montgomery, and I am not leaving with you two!" Aria protested, getting the hand off of her mouth.

"Sorry, but you have too. I'm Percy and we need to move." The burnt guy said to her. Just then, they were at the exit where a blonde girl was waiting, she kind of reminded Aria of Ally.

"Good, you got the girl. We need to move, like now!" The girl said, getting into the drivers seat, which the other guy, Grover whined about.

"Wait, will someone please tell me what this is about!" Aria protested.

"You are a half-blood. Half greek god or goddess and half human. We need to go to Camp Half-blood. Charion will tell you more later." The boy named Percy said, taking her hand and leading her to the car. Aria had no choice but to follow.

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