Rose Brier Hill: The Home Coming

Jude, Nathan and Matthew lost their parents right before Christmas. Four months later they find an uncle they didn't know about. Moving to Rose Brier Hill becomes an experience Nathan will never forget.


4. Rose Brier

 The Town of Rose Brier was small. Nathan glanced at the one red light that centered the town over to Jude. This was Rose Brier? This was the town they were moving to? Could this place even be called a town? Nathan thought not.

 “You have to be kidding me,” Matthew glared at Jude. “Now, do you see why I don’t like surprises?”

 “Hey,” Nathan pointed over to a large white building. “They have a court house.”

 “How nice for them,” Matthew muttered.

 “What about school?” Nathan asked suddenly.

 “Maybe there are some justice in this world, and they don’t have one of those.” Matthew shook his head. Nathan would ask about school.

 They went through the red light and cut off down a small gravel road. Matthew bit back from saying anything else. He settled on glaring at the passing trees. Why had he thought moving was a good idea?

 Nathan was the first one to see the house. Jude had been right. It was a huge old white house nestled under the pines. Nathan got out but waited with Jude by the trunk. He was watching a younger man walk out of the door and start down the steps.

 “That would be uncle Brosh,” Jude managed to whisper.

 “Are you sure he is old enough to be our uncle?” Nathan asked. He smiled at the man. He had the same blond hair as Jude.

 “Need any help?” Brosh asked when he came to a stop.

 “You look a lot like our mom,” Matthew stated.

 “I have been told that,” Brosh said as he lifted out a box from the back.

 “Why have we never heard of you?” Nathan asked.

 “I think that is a fair question,” Matthew agreed.

 “It is a question that I can’t answer. I don’t know the answer.” Brosh said before he started back up toward the house.

 “A question he doesn’t want to answer,” Matthew whispered as he pulled Nathan toward the house as well.

 Nathan took his time walking toward the house. The closer he got, the less he liked the place. He made it to the door and peered into a living room.

 “I’ve been here before,” Matthew whispered.

 Nathan slightly shook his head.

 “I’m not kidding,” Matthew said walking on into the house. He didn’t remember the outside, but he knew the inside. He remembered it as well as he did the apartment.

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