Rose Brier Hill: The Home Coming

Jude, Nathan and Matthew lost their parents right before Christmas. Four months later they find an uncle they didn't know about. Moving to Rose Brier Hill becomes an experience Nathan will never forget.


3. On the Road

 Matthew rolled the sleeping bag up and placed it with the other two. He glanced around the bedroom. “It will be strange sleeping somewhere else.”

 Nathan nodded. He would agree to that, but after the footsteps, he honestly couldn’t say he wasn’t glad to be leaving. If anything, he was more nervous about meeting an unknown uncle.

 “Grab the bags!” Jude called out from the kitchen.

 “That would mean we are leaving,” Matthew mumbled mainly to himself.

 Nathan got the sleeping bags and left the rest for Matthew. He looked around the room once more before heading back to the front door. He slipped out and made his way down the steps into the morning sunlight.

 He tossed the sleeping bags into the open trunk and slip into the backseat. He didn’t even have to wait until Jude and Matthew both came outside. A minute later he heard the trunk slam shut.

 “It is like the two of you can’t wait to get out of here,” Matthew muttered getting in.

 “Why do you think that?” Nathan asked covering a yawn.

  Matthew rolled his eyes. Did they really think he was that stupid? They had been up a grand total of thirty minutes. Jude rushing them through breakfast, and then Nathan not taking the time to eat. If it was one thing about Nathan, Matthew knew his brother liked to eat.

 Jude slid into the driver’s seat and started the car.

 “What is this place like?” Matthew finally asked.

 Jude bit back the word creepy. The place wasn’t creepy, yes, it was old but not creepy. Well, maybe a little creepy, but he wasn’t going to tell them that.

 Nathan didn’t understand why their mom never mentioned the place or their uncle. He planned on finding that out, he just wasn’t sure how he was going to find that out.

 “No answer?” Matthew turned toward Jude.

 “I don’t know what you want to hear. I mean the place is huge.” Jude answered.

 Matthew made a face. That didn’t tell him much. Almost any place was huge to them. Living in a small apartment had that affect.

 “You know, we are going to be there very soon.” Jude remarked. It didn’t take that long to make the drive.

 “I don’t like surprises,” Matthew reminded him.

 “I do,” Nathan piped out. Matthew loved surprises. Everybody loves surprises. Matthew was in a mood and Nathan couldn’t help but wonder if it had come from sleeping in the floor.

 “I know you don’t want to move. None of us do. There isn’t anything else we can do.” Jude stated.

 “I didn’t say a word about moving. I don’t even care that I am moving. Just forget it,” Matthew crossed his arms.

 “Forget what?” Jude asked.

 “Nothing, it is nothing.” Matthew looked over his shoulder at Nathan. That was okay, he could wait. If it was one thing Matthew was good at, it was waiting.


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