Rose Brier Hill: The Home Coming

Jude, Nathan and Matthew lost their parents right before Christmas. Four months later they find an uncle they didn't know about. Moving to Rose Brier Hill becomes an experience Nathan will never forget.


2. Bump in the Night

It didn’t look like their apartment anymore. Two days of packing and placing everything in storage had left the place empty. To empty for Nathan, by the second night, he could have sworn that he heard the drawers in his parents room open and close. He knew that couldn’t be possible, the dresser was already gone. Everything was gone, and this was their last night. Tonight they were using sleeping bags.

 Nathan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He could hear the even breathing coming from Matthew and Jude both. He had never been able to go straight to sleep. All his brothers had to do was close their eyes.

 So far, there hadn’t been any sound of the drawer.  Closing his eyes, he tried not to listen. He didn’t want to listen. He could hear the Baker’s above him. They had been packing up also. However, they were just moving down the street.

 Nathan sighed as he pulled the covers tighter around him. He had just let his eyes fall shut when he hear it. It wasn’t a drawer, not this time. It was a footstep. A footstep that was followed by two more.

 “Matty,” Nathan whispered and toyed with the idea of climbing into the bed with his twin. It wouldn’t be the first time that would have happened. He had spent enough nights in Matthew’s bed that his twin didn’t even question it.

 Nathan moaned and pushed the blanket off.

 “I heard it too,” Jude whispered.

 Nathan glanced over to where Jude was laying, “I thought you was sleeping.”

 “I was,” Jude agreed.

 Nathan listened for a minute before climbing out of the sleeping bag.  He slowly worked his way over to Matthew taking his sleeping bag with him.. Matthew didn’t even move.

 Jude snorted before getting up himself. He flipped on the light and glanced down at his younger brothers.  Nothing short of a bomb would be waking Matthew. Nathan just looked at him with wide eyes.

 Jude walked into the small hallway and opened the door to his parents room. Reaching in he flipped that light on as well. He heard Nathan get up and come up behind him.

 “Well?” Nathan asked peering into the empty room.

 Jude shook his head. There wasn’t anything in the room, or anybody for that matter.

 “Maybe it was just the Bakers,” Nathan offered with a frown.

 Jude gave a wry smile. He decided now wasn’t the time to tell Nathan that the Bakers where no longer in the building. Jude had helped them with the last load. “It was nothing, we have a long day tomorrow.”

 Nathan nodded and turned back to their room. Maybe it wasn’t anything. Just one of those of things, that went bump in the night.



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