Justine is a girl who lives at an orpahnage. he was dropped of in 2002 and her file said she was only 1 year old. Now she is 11, but she is very mature for her age, and pretty tall.
Near Christams Liam comes to the orphanage to deliver pesents, and he meets Justine. Justine falls in love with him. But she's only 11.


2. Mistaken, Chapter Two

"How?" I asked. "I can just tell." He simply said.

Letta walked in the room and saw Liam. She had never heard of or seen a picture of One Direction, so she yelled, "CREEP-FACE GET OUT OF MY ROOM, YOU IDIOT!" And she shoved him out and closed and locked the door.

"Letta, what's wrong with you? He's Liam Payne from One Direction!" I yelled. I flicked the TV on and found a channel with a 1D movie playing.

 When Liam heard his voice on the other side of the door he yelled "What are you doing?" "Nothing." I answered. "Letta shrugged and opened the door.

Liam walked in and sat on Letta's bed.

One of the assitants came in and said "Bed, no visitors allowed, get out." She ushered Liam out, and as he left, Liam called, "Now I know how the fans feel." I laughed and closed the door once Letta came back.

As I nestled under the covers I thought about my crazy feelings. I was only 11! Well, 12 on December 1st. But still, how could I possibly love him?


I woke up at midnight and I heard Justine mutter, "Liam, I love you...." But I could tell she was sleep talking.


I was still sleeping when the assistant cmae in and woke me up, but being careful not to wake up Letta. I looked at the clock, it was only 4:00am! "What?" I asked quietly.

"We have urgent news, get your robe and come to the grand dining hall." The assistant, Stella, said. "Now." She added sternly as I rolled over.

She left and I got out of bed. I put my light blue house coat on and slowly shuffled to the great dining hall.

I entered and closed the door behind me. As I walked over to the staff I wondered what the urgent news was. "Sit down." The head of the staff, Hayley, said. I sat in a brown chair and looked at my file.

It was old. It had beeen dropped off with me, and the only thing I had from my real parents, whoever they happened to be.

Stella opened the file. "We had beeen doing our montly file check, and found something we had never seen before. Look for yourslef."  Hayley said.

I read the page it was open to. It said:

'My baby, Justine, is probaly no longer a baby anyomore. Firstly, I have snuck into the orphanage and put this in my baby's file. So read on if you want.    
     I have lied many times, but one lie, I will never forget. I lied about her, oh how drastically it must have changed her life from what it could have been. But I will never regret the lie. It was worth it.
     I lied about one improtant detail, so I could get her off my hands and save her mother's life.
     I will tell you my lie, reasons, and my story.

 When I was 21 I met Abigail, Justine's mother. We fell in love, married, and had a baby, in 1993. We named her Justine. When Justine was 8, she was extremely short.
     Abigail fell drastically ill, and one nght I came home from work ad she was gone. But I found a note saying that her kidnapper took her to Mexico. I neeed to find her.
     I bundled Justine in blankets and typed her a file. I was carefull to leave out the last name. I said she had been born in 2001, and that she was only 1 year old. Yes, she was that short.
     They excepted her. I was overjoiced, and I left for Mexico immeadietly. When I arrived at the adress the note had shown, Abigail was dead.
     I came back to Canada and recently left this note here. I will never reveal myself, but I wanted Justine to finally know.
     Now for my reasons. In 2002 your orphanage only excepted kids that were 3 or younger.
     I could not take Justine with me, but I absolutely needed your Abigail safe and sound back home.

This is the end of my note. Justine, if you read this, I want you to know that I never regret sending you there. And I hope you never find me.

                                                         -Justine's father.'


I just gaped. I was 19 freacking years old! This solved all my problems! "AAAAAAH!" I screamed. "I know, it's scary." Stella said. "No, it's awesome!" I yelled and ran back to my room.

At 7:00am I woke up Letta. "I'm ninteen! 20 tomorow since tomorrow is Decmeber 1st, my birthday! I'M ALMOST 20!" I screamed. "Go away." She mumbked and rolled over. She whipped back round and yelled "WAIT, WHAT!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE 11!" "So did I, but I found out I'm 19!" I yelled.

The conversation went on for 4 hours, with Letta not believing me, and me insisting it was the truth.

At 11:00am I got dressed and signed out. I walked around outside and realized I could easily find out where Liam lived. Hopefully. Since One Direction had just moved to Canada, people might not know where they live yet.

I walked into the orphanage and quickly went on the staff computer. Bingo! Found it. I jotted the adress down and headed back out.  

I came to the adress and knocked. The door opened and Liam stodd there. "Hi Justine! Whay are you doung here?" Liam asked. "Well, I found out that I'm 19, turning 20 tomorrow." I said. "WHAT?" Liam sputtered. He let me in and I explained the whole thing to him.  

"Wow." He simply said.




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