Justine is a girl who lives at an orpahnage. he was dropped of in 2002 and her file said she was only 1 year old. Now she is 11, but she is very mature for her age, and pretty tall.
Near Christams Liam comes to the orphanage to deliver pesents, and he meets Justine. Justine falls in love with him. But she's only 11.


7. Mistaken, Chapter Seven

When I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar room with a cozy bed and big windows. I looked around and saw that there was a dresser in the far corner and an open walk-in  closet. Liam was standing in the clooset, filling it with all my clothes from the suitcase I brought.

Liam soon walked over to me with the almost-empty suitcase in his hands. He set it on the bed and said "I hung up all your clothes, and this is all the stuff that was left." "Thanks." I smiled. He waved and left the room.

I took out the contents of the suitcase. There was my human tracker, fingerprint analyzer, a few books, a notebook with a lock and pen, and a tiny present in a gift bag. I opened the gift bag and found a beautiful charm bracelet with a D charm and the lock that went with the notebook.

I slipped the bracelet on and got out of bed. I put my human tracker and fingerprint analyzer in my  pocket and picked up the books. I found a small desk and chair in the corner of the room, so I put the books there.

I grabbed the notebook and headed to the hallway. Not including the room I now had, there were seven doors, and two staircases; one leadind down, and the other leading to yet another floor.

I went down the one that headed downstairs, and when I was att the bottom of it, I saw a grand, white front hallway. I headed in the opposite direction and found a nice black kitchen with  a counter and stools, and heading through a doorway led you to the dining room.

There was another doorway, and I discovered a living room on the other side of it. The living room was beautiful; it's colour scheme was black, white and blue, it had four black, soft couches, a flat screen TV that covered 50 percent of the wall, two white, cozy-looking rocking chairs, and a big shelf that held everything from books to movies.

I ventured over to the dining room and found the walls were blue. There was a nice sleek black table with 8 chairs to match. The entire back wall was glass, and it showed a beautiful mountain landscape.

I was loving this house already.

I went up to the third level and found a giant arcade filled with any video game you could imagnie. The five boys were playing different games, and the security guard that had tried to stop me from seeing Liam was absentmindedly jiggling the joystick on an old-fashioned arcade game.

I found another room that had board games on shelves all around the room. They had all the board games I had ever seen, plus more.

I was amazed by this whole house, and I had only been here for less than a day, and there were still more rooms to explore. 

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