Justine is a girl who lives at an orpahnage. he was dropped of in 2002 and her file said she was only 1 year old. Now she is 11, but she is very mature for her age, and pretty tall.
Near Christams Liam comes to the orphanage to deliver pesents, and he meets Justine. Justine falls in love with him. But she's only 11.


9. Mistaken, Chapter Nine

After a little while, I settled down. I was still scared out of my mind, but I was no longer crying.

Liam sat with me for the whole time it toook me to settle down, and he hugged me again before leaving. I used all of my will to stop myself from screaming, but that was like trying to stop yourself from breathing, which is pretty much impossible. But somehow I managed,

I laid on my bed and stared at the                ceiling, finding shapes in the bumps. It kept my mind occupied, which was the main reason I didn't just lie in bed.

But staring at the ceiling couldn't keep me busy for as long as I wanted. I soon ecided to actually do something productive, something to help gte my mind off my fears even more.

I decided to go downstairs and help, well, whoever cooked, with lunch. It turned the security guard, Paul, and Harry cooked most of the time. 

They let me help out, andd I got the job of chopping the peppers for the tacos we were gonna eat, and yes, Harry chose the lunch. I finsihed cutting the peppers and I put them on the big plate. I then warmed the hard and soft taco shells and set them on the table.

I helped Paul and Harry bring out the rest of the food, like cheese and meat, and everyone came  to the table to eat.

Niall was one  done in like, 2 minutes, not even, and he had 3 more. I was stuffed just watching him. Everyone finished eating, and it was just Liam and I finishing up.

I finished and when I was about to wash my plate, Liam came over and did it for me. "You know, I'm perfectly okay to do dishes Liam." I said, trying to stop him from babying me. "Oh, it's okay, I can do an extra plate." Liam said.

Well, I could use a little babying.

With nothing to do, my brain wandered back over to the thoughts of my Dad. "Liam." I insisted. "I'll wash myy own dishes." I said firmly. I took the plate from him and scrubbed it shiny clean, doing the same with my glass.

"I know what you're doing, but don't worry, we'll find something FUN to occupy you, love." Liam said. I put the cup in the sin and turned to him. I hugged him and whispered "Thankyou. You're helping me ALOT."

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