Justine is a girl who lives at an orpahnage. he was dropped of in 2002 and her file said she was only 1 year old. Now she is 11, but she is very mature for her age, and pretty tall.
Near Christams Liam comes to the orphanage to deliver pesents, and he meets Justine. Justine falls in love with him. But she's only 11.


4. Mistaken, Chapter Four

I cleared my chair of presents and sat down. The first thing I opened was a card. It said:

'To: - Wait, what's your name? I'm not really clear on that.

From: Kylie. See! My name was simple enough! Why can't yours be?


I laughed and put the card down. I picked up a box and opened it. Inside was some electronic. I picked up the card that was with the bag and read:

'To: Daphnie

This is a human tracker. I know it may be hard to find your dad with it, but you can enter all the information you know about him, like, all the lies he made up about you, or your real name, and stuff like that.

From: Stella and Hayley.' 

I picked up the tracker. It was small, about the size of my palm. It had a touch screen, and an off button. I slipped it into my pocket and turned around. "Well well well." A figure dressed in all black was standing in the doorway. He had a ski mask on, and you could not see an inch of him. "You gonna find out who I am with that, Daphnie?" He asked in a sly voice. "NO! I'm gonna do it like this!" I shouted and jumped at him. 

Just like I knew he would, he moved out of the way. I landed on my feet, right in front of a present. I opened it and saw a gift wrapped present. "Really?" I sighed. I tore open the wrapping paper and found an IPhone. Bingo.

 I turned the phone on and found the camera app. I got ready to take a picture, hen jumped at the man from behind him. He grabbed me and ran to mine and Letta's closet. He opened it and found my large suitcase. He stuffed me inside and closed it. 

From inside I saw through a tiny hole. The man was running around the room. He opened my desk drawer and found a luggage lock. 'Why do I even have that?' I thought. He locked the suitcase and dragged it out of the room. "Stella!"I screamed. No answer. 

I looked through the hole and saw the man leaving the orphanage. I managed to reach to my head and pull a bobby pin from my hair. I pulled the lock into the suitcase, through the hole, and opened the lock with the bobby pin.

I unzipped the suitcase and it popped open. I jumped out and ran back towards the orphanage. 

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