Justine is a girl who lives at an orpahnage. he was dropped of in 2002 and her file said she was only 1 year old. Now she is 11, but she is very mature for her age, and pretty tall.
Near Christams Liam comes to the orphanage to deliver pesents, and he meets Justine. Justine falls in love with him. But she's only 11.


11. Mistaken, Chapter Eleven

Panic rushed through me as I leaned into Liam and tried to force my tears back. "Can't be. Can it? Why would he be here? How would he know you're here?"Liam asked. "It can be. It is. He's following me. Twitter, I AM at the fair with One direction." I tried to answer all his questions. "Well, true, true, true, and true." Liam said. 

Despite my efforts to stay inconspicuous, I started crying, and I shrieked, "Liam! What are we going to do? He can't find me, I need to get away from him." "Don't worry. We'll find a solution. We can move back to London. We could move to USA. I'd move anywhere, I don't care, as long as you're safe." Liam said. 

"No, Liam, i won't make yo put aside everything to keep me safe. You don't have to move for me." I insisted. "Well, we should at least leave here." Liam said. "Okay." I agreed. "Follow me." Liam said. He slunk around the corner of the pizza booth, and I tried to follow him, but, again, I was scared stiff. 

Liam thought I was following him, and he kept going. Soon he was out of sight, and I was standing there trying to follow. I couldn't. 

"Just how I like them. Frightened out of their own wits. That's how you would be right now if you had any wits." A sly voice said. My horrible father walked in front of me, grinning evilly. Then, in one swift motion, he grabbed me tightly by the neck. He kept squeezing me tighter. "I..........Have.........Wi-wit-wits!" I choked out as he closed up my windpipe.  'Oh, poor, helpless, Daphnie. You never did have wits and you never will." He said before snatching me up and running off, still trying to suffocate me. 

The last thing I said before I fainted was, "Liam!" But I doubted he would hear. 




A/N I know this is an extremely short chapter, but I have big plans for this. i'm thinking I might use the early access code and only people who are fans of me can see it before the first month. I'm not sure yet. If you don't mind, could you comment and tell me what you think I should do?

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