Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


6. Zayn's Date





.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.


   Kennedy still barely comes out of her room. She comes out for food and then just stumbles back in to her room, and we still don’t even know what she said. Today we were all going to help Juliet get ready for her date. She is crazy excited about it. Zayn was going to be at our place at 6, and we would go over to the boys at 8. We grabbed our jackets and headed out the door.

“I feel silly going out with all of you girls to get ready for one date.” Juliet said.


   While we were out getting her dress for the evening, we passed by a men’s suit shop and glanced in to see Niall, Liam and Harry helping Zayn pick out a suit for tonight. We all laughed and I poked her in the side,

“Do you still feel silly knowing your date is doing the same thing?” I joked.

“Nope.” She laughed

We ended up choosing a little purple sleeveless dress. It was so cute, I kinda wanted it. Afterwards we went to get our nails done. I looked at my watch,

“Girls it’s four thirty! We have to go get you’re hair done!”

“Let’s go!” Juliet said and we all walked out.


.:~Juliet’s P.O.V.~:.


We finished getting my hair done and my dress on right when someone knocked on the door.

“I’ll get it!” Jennifer called from the kitchen, “Hello Zayn.” I heard her say from the foyer. I walked out.

“Wow, you look amazayn!” Zayn laughed, “I’m joking, you look gorgeous, stunning.” He kissed my cheek, I blushed.

“You look pretty good yourself. I like your new suit.” I said

“How do you know it’s new? Did I leave the tag on?” he said checking under his arms.

“Nope, we saw you and Niall, Liam and Harry pick it out. Where was Louis?” I asked

“Oh, that’s a tad embarrassing… and Louis won’t leave his room.” He replied, “He was pretty hurt about what Kennedy said…”

“Oh so you know what happened.” Alexis said.

“Yea,” Zayn said

“Yea, um well we should go.” Juliet said and Zayn took her arm and they left.


We sat around for a while and then decided we should go to the guys’ house. We got ready and before we went out the door I went to Kennedy’s room.

“Hey Kennedy, are you gonna come?” I asked as I poked my head in.

“Haha, no.” She responded sourly, “I doubt any of the guys want me near them, especially Louis. I can’t believe I did that. He defiantly doesn’t love me anymore.”
“What exactly did you say?”

“Um, I hate him, never loved him, too immature, needs to grow up, doesn’t belong in One Direction and the band would be better off without him, etc.” she said and then buried her face in her pillow.

“Oh… well I’ll say hi to the guys for you.” I sighed

“Okay. Bye.” She said and I closed the door


As we drove I told the girls what had happened. When we got to the guys house. We went in. We ordered Chinese food and watched Toy Story 3. Louis didn’t join us.

During the movie, I got up to go to washroom, and when I walked past Louis room the strong smell of alcohol hit me, I went in.

“Hey Louis, you aren’t going to join us? Kennedy didn’t come.”

“No, I’m not in the mood.”
“Apparently you haven’t been in the mood for anything lately.” I said

“Not really. I’m mean, I’m really confused,” he sat up, “I love her. I still do even after she said all those things. I broke up with my girlfriend over Skype even after she said all that because of her.”

I wanted to tell him she didn’t mean it, but I knew she would have to tell him.

“Well sitting her drinking isn’t going to make you feel better. You should go out for a walk or something. Clear your head. And if you build up the gut, go face her.”
“Um, yea, I might.” He said as he got up and left.

“Okay, you have fun.” I got up and went back to the guys.

“Where is Louis off to?” Niall asked as I sat down and he put his arm around me.

“Just for a walk.”


.:~Zayn’s P.O.V.~:.


Our date was going great. We went to this little restaurant that Juliet had picked out. I’m glad she did, it was just a nice yet simple restaurant that was practically empty, except for a few people who were old and wouldn’t know who I was. I could finally have a normal date in a public place.

“So, are you having a good time?” I asked shyly.

“I’m having and amazing time. I can barely believe I’m on a date with Zayn Malik, not just the celebrity, but also the person behind that. I really like you Zayn.” She smiled

“Wow, ever since I became famous, I’ve never met anyone who I knew liked me for, well, me.” I smiled

“Well I do.” She put her hand on mine and the minute she did, like in the movies when their hands touch, you feel something so strong and so real. I think I was blushing, and I knew I was when she giggled that I was.

“Oh and by the way, I really like you too.” I said

“I’m glad.”


We finished dinner and I offered to drive her home. She said no and that she wanted to take me somewhere. She gave my directions and yelled for me to stop in the middle of nowhere. She got out of the car, and opened the door on my side.

“I’m supposed to do that.” I joked

“I know, but I want you to come with me.”

She pulled me up a hill and when we reached the top, I saw a cliff that looked over the entire city.

“Wow,” those were the only words that would come out of my mouth.
“Yea, my brother used to take me here all the time,” she said as she walked right to the edge.

“DON’T FALL!” I yelled

“Haha don’t be such a baby. Come sit with me.” She said as she sat down and hung her legs off the edge. I went and sat beside her, nervous.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall.” She smiled. God she had a beautiful smile. We both looked out at the city and she put her head on my shoulder. Of all the moments in life, this one was the most perfect.


.:~Kennedy’s P.O.V.~:.


I decided I should probably get out of the house. I felt like shit.


   While I was walking outside, I saw him. I wondered if I should go talk to him. I decided against it and I just continued walking, but out of he corner of my eye, I saw him look at me.


.:~Louis’ P.O.V.~:.


I saw her out walking.

“And if you build up the gut, go talk to her.” Alyssa’s voice rang in my head. I decided I would. She didn’t notice me. I walked towards her.

“Hey Kennedy.”

“Oh hi Louis.”

“Look, I know you think I’m too immature and stuff, and I agree. But I’m going to change that. I will for you. I love you and I’m going to be totally honest, yes I’m immature, yes I was so crazy about you I was going to cheat, yes I do need to grow up, and look, I know you hate me. I can see why you would and think I don’t belong in 1D, but I’m still crazy about you. I broke up with my girlfriend for you. I don’t know why I did, because I know you have no feelings for me, but I figured I would tell you, so yea…”

She stood there speechless.

“Well, that’s all I had to say, so goodbye Kennedy.” And I walked away.

“Do you actually think I meant everything I said Louis??”

I turned around, “You sounded pretty convincing to me.”
“I’m an actress Louis, it’s what I do.” She said.

“Why did you do it then?” I asked

“Because I felt the same way you do. That’s why!”

“I don’t understand.”
“Louis, I love you. I always have. What I said, was bullshit, I didn’t mean I thing. I did it because you were with her and I didn’t want you to be torn between us two, so I said stuff I knew would make you hate me so you would just love her and not me. I did it because I love you.” She sighed

“Wait, so you love me again?”
“I always did.” She sighed, looking up at the sky.

“Good.” I said and she looked at me confused, and I walked up and kissed her.

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