Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


26. One Dee!!!


**Three Months Later**

.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.

The guys were on tour right now. They left a month ago and will be back in two months. The girls and I decided we would visit about once a month, so tomorrow we would go visit them for the first time, in Toronto. Niall was so against going because Austin was ten months old now, so Niall was scared that if he left, Austin would start talking without him, so I try to keep him quiet, for Niall’s sake.

Kennedy was off of filming today and Maura, Niall’s mom was in town and wanted to spend time with her grandson, so the girls and I were going shopping.


“I think Austin is going to start talking soon.” I said while we were in line at Starbucks.

“Oh that’s fantastic!” Kennedy squealed.

“I guess.” I replied

“Why wouldn’t you be happy?” Alexis asked

“Niall hates missing big things that happen with Austin. He missed the first time he rolled over or pulled himself up.”

“Aww. Well just try to keep him quiet until Toronto. It’s just next week.” Jennifer smiled

“Yea. I’ll try. You should’ve seen Maura’s face when she saw Austin. I feel so bad that we live here in London and poor Maura barely sees her own grandson.”

“Yea, and Niall hasn’t seen her in a while either.” Kennedy added

“Oh my god! I just thought of the best idea. Most of the guys haven’t seen their parents in a really long time, we should see if they are free to come to Toronto with us!” Juliet smiled.

“YES!” I cheered, “We so should. The boys would be thrilled!”

“Okay, let’s go home and call them.” Juliet smiled.

“Yea, they should all be able to drive. The farthest one is Zayn’s mom, and she is about four hours away by car.” Alexis said, “Hopefully they will be able to come on such short notice! Let’s go!”


We all drove back to our own homes. Kennedy would call Johanna, Alexis will call Karen, Jennifer will call Anne and Juliet would call Patricia.

I went in to see Maura playing with Austin,

“Hello Maura!” I smiled as I walked in

“Aww, home so soon? Well I should go then! Bye my beautiful Austin!”

“Actually Maura, do you want to stay the night?”
“Um, no I would hate to be a bother.”

“Oh okay.” She smiled

“I have one more question. What are you doing for the rest of the week?”
“Nothing really.”
“Well the lads haven’t seen their moms in a while so the girls and I were trying to see if we could get you guys to come to Toronto with us. So do you want to?”
Her eyes went wide, “OF COURSE!” she cheered, “and oh I would love to see my son I haven’t seen him in ages!”

“Okay, that’s fantastic. But don’t tell him I want it to be a surprise. I just need to wait to hear from the others to call the airline.” Just then my phone beeped 4 times, I glanced at my phone,

<From Jenn; Anne is in! She is driving up tonight and will stay at my place! >

<From Alexis; Karen said yes!! She will drive up tonight and stay with me. >

<From Juliet; Patricia didn’t want to ruin our time with the boys, but I still convinced her to come! She will hop on a train and I’ll pick her up tonight for our flight tomorrow! >

<From Kennedy; Johanna is coming. She is on her way! Don’t forget to call the airline! >

<To Kennedy, Juliet, Alexis, Jenn; Awesome!! Calling the airline now! >

I picked up my cell and called the airport;
Airline- Hello British Airways, how may we help you?
Me- Hi, this is Alyssa Gulbert.

Airline- Oh hello Alyssa, how can I help you?
Me- Can I get 5 more first class tickets for our flight to Toronto tomorrow.

Airline- Um, one second just let me check… Yep, I will reserve them for you now!
Me- Thanks, have a nice day!
Airline- you as well!


**The Next Day**
We got to the airport bright and early, to avoid all of the paps. When we finally all met up we all hugged and caught up while we waited for our flight. When we finally got on, we all settled in for the long flight a head of us. Before the flight even took off I was out like a light.

The next thing I knew, the plane had landed. We grabbed our stuff and got off. Before we got to where the boys could see, I turned to the moms,

“Okay, you guys stay here and wait a minute, and when you hear us say ‘We have a surprise for you’ you come out. Got it?”

“Yup!” Anne nodded and the girls and I walked out.

As we walked out I heard a mix of screams that yelled,


I looked up but saw no one. I was a tad confused until I felt two strong arms wrap around Austin and me. I turned around to see Niall. The other boys had done the same to the girls. I gave him a quick kiss and then handed Austin to him. Niall’s face lit up,

“Still no words?” he asked

“Nope, trying to keep him quiet,” I laughed.

Once we had all finally stopped talking, we all gathered around and I took Austin from Niall.

“Boys…” Kennedy started

“We have a huge surprise for you!” Alexis finished.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Anne, Maura, Karen, Patricia and Johanna come out.

“What is it?” Louis asked

A smile grew on my face as well as the faces of the other girls, “Turn around.” I said.

The boys listened and turned. The biggest smile grew on their faces and they simultaneously yelled “MUM!” and ran to hug their moms. They stood there and hugged for a long time, then talked and caught up with each other’s lives.

They all came back up with their moms,

“You girls are the best!” Louis laughed and then he put his arm around Johanna and Kennedy, “Now I’ll have my TWO favorite girls with me!”


.:~Niall’s P.O.V.~:.


I was so happy! The girls had invited our moms to come and so they were here!!! We were about to go on stage; we had about 20 minutes left.

Kennedy was on the phone with her manager, and then she hung up and smiled at us,

“GUYS!!! GUESS WHAT?” she cheered.

“Someone is excited about something.” Louis smirked

“What is it, love?” I asked

“So I was talking to my manager about the premier of my movie and I was able to get not only tickets for me and Louis, but for Louis, myself, Alexis, Liam, Jennifer, Harry, Niall, Alyssa, Juliet and Zayn!” she said with a huge smile on her face

“Wait, so we can all go??” Alyssa asked

“YEA!!! Except Austin, but I’m sure we can find someone to watch him for four days.” Kennedy replied

“Yea, Maura will probably want to or my mother would fly out! But this is amazing! Where is the premier?” Alyssa asked

“That’s the best part, we are going to Australia for the premier!” Kennedy cheered.

“Awesome! I love Australia!” Zayn smiled.

“Yea, it’ll be nice for the ten of us to get to go away together too!” Harry laughed.

There was a knock on the door, it was Paul,

“Boys, you’re on.”

Alyssa picked up Austin and they walked to the stage with us. I gave Alyssa a quick kiss and turned to walk on stage but before I could I heard a small squeaky voice say,

“OneDee!” it was Austin.

I turned around to see all the girls and guys looking shocked. Alyssa had tears in her eyes.

“What did you say?” I asked Austin as I took him out of Alyssa’s arms.

“OneDee!” he replied.

“Oh my god, my son’s first words was my bands name!” I smiled and pulled out my phone, turned on the video camera and faced it towards us.

“What band is your daddy in?” I asked Austin.

“OneDee!” Austin laughed.

I smiled and wiped the tears out of the corner of my eyes and the guys and I ran on stage and the first thing I said to my fans was,

“Austin just said his first words! He said OneD!” and the whole crowd cheered


Sorry this chapter is really long!

~Kenny Tomlinson <3

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