Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


16. OMG IT'S 1D


.:~Liam’s P.O.V.~:.

  Please have only been a dream, please have only been a dream, I begged to myself before I opened my eyes. But when I opened my eyes, it was all really happening. I looked up at the unconscious girl lying before me and started to cry again. I know she couldn’t hear me, but I still talked to her,

“Alexis? Hey babe… I know you can’t hear me, but, y-you-you gotta wake up. You have to,” I choked, “I was going to propose to you last night… it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t planned this, you wouldn’t be here. I’m such an idiot. I’m so sorry I did this to you. Please wake up and if you do please forgive me! I would never live with myself if you died. This is all my fault… you deserved better and I’m so sorry I failed you… I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. The only person whose fault this is is the stupid drunk driver. No one else’s, especially yours.” Kennedy said as she rubbed my back, I turned and cried in her arms. I didn’t even hear them come in. She hugged me and rubbed my back, and I continued to cry.

“Shhh, shhh… It’s gonna be okay Liam, I can feel it,” she said but I could tell she was unsure. The doctor came in and asked to speak to the girls, they walked out and talked for a long time, I tried to overhear what they were saying, but all of a sudden it was distracted by a *beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*. I looked over at Alexis’ heart monitor. A straight line came across it.

“NOOO!!!!” I screamed as Zayn ran to grab the doctor.


.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.


We were outside talking to the doctor.

“Well, I hate to have to tell you girls, but the chances aren’t looking all that great for your friend. Her time is really running out. There is still a possibility, but we won’t know until it’s the Life-on-the-Line situation.” We were all crying.

“There is still a chance. Don’t wor-” the doctor started but was cut off by the sound of someone screaming “NOOO!”. Liam. Then Zayn ran out.

“Doc…” he gasped, “The line went straight… you- you gotta save her.”

The doctor ran in and so did a nurse with a defibrillator and pushed the guys out. We heard the defibrillator turn on and the doctor yell,

“1,2,3, CLEAR!!” and then he turned up the defibrillator. We heard them repeat that over and over.

All the guys were in shock or crying, and then poor Liam’s face was like he just saw a ghost. Then it hit him and he started to cry.

Harry put his arm around him,

“It’s going to be okay mate. I mean, it’s Alexis; god wouldn’t be so cruel to take away her life.” We all smiled sadly. Then we heard the defibrillator turn off. Our expression dropped. The doctor and nurses came out, the nurse walked away and the doctor came up to us with an unreadable expression,

“So?” Kennedy asked, nervously.

The doctor smiled, “She’s awake. You can go see her.”

“Oh thank god!” We all gasped.

“You guys go see her, I will afterwards.” Liam said and we all went in while he waited outside.

“Hey Alexis!!!” I smiled, but she looked confused. Now I’m freaking out.

“You know who we are, right?” Louis asked.

“I’m sorry, I really don’t.” she said

The doctor had heard what happened, so he came in and spoke up,

“What do you remember?”

“Um… My name is Alexis Rawls, I was born on July 22nd 1990. My mom is Alison and my father is Sean. I am from Toronto, Ontario and I am really good in school.” She replied

“Do you know what year it is?” he asked

“2012. And oh my god One Direction is in my room!”

“Wait, but you don’t know that we are your best friends?” Louis asked

“No… You guys are?” She looked shocked,

“And you don’t know who we are?” Kennedy looked like she was about to cry.

“No… it’s like I don’t remember my social life.”

The doctor pulled us out of the room,
“She-she doesn’t remember,” Harry stuttered.

“Yes… we thought this could happen. Has anything really big happened in her life recently? Something that Alexis would never ever forget? Something that the minute she saw it would make her remember?” He asked, and unanimously we replied,


We ran up to him and told him everything.


.:~Liam’s P.O.V.~:.

She didn’t remember? She has to. I walked into her room, hoping to see her smile at me, her boyfriend.

“Oh my god, you’re, you’re Liam Payne!” she squealed.

“Shit.” I mumbled, and then looked up at her, “Yea, um, I heard about the accident and I was in the area and knew you were a big fan,” I lied

“Don’t lie to me Liam. I know I am good friends with you guys. Louis told me.”
“Oh. Yea, we were great friends.” She looked up at me, unsure whether I was telling the truth or not. I crossed my arms and felt the ring in my jacket pocket. I felt the tears in the corner of my eyes. Stay strong Liam, stay strong.

“I’m really tiered. I think I am going to sleep for a while. Um Liam? Could you please stay in here with me, because you are my friend?” she asked, the look in her eyes was the look I got from fans would try not to freak out when they saw me. That wasn’t my girlfriend in that body. Where she was, I didn’t know.

“I’ll never leave you.” I smiled sadly and she smiled back. She closed her eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. I sat down and held her hand and heard the others come in.

“So she didn’t remember?” Zayn asked sadly.

“No, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to leave her.” I looked at her sleeping face

“Okay, well we need to head home. Text me when you want one of us to come get you, okay?” Kennedy said.

“Okay,” I said as they walked out. I looked at Alexis’s left hand, the one I was holding. The one that should have a ring on it. But it didn’t and it may never. I couldn’t bear to keep my eyes open anymore, so, with my hand still in hers, I drifted off to sleep.


“Liam?” I heard a voice say as I hand shook me awake. I opened my eyes to see Alexis looking at me, but she had a different look in her eyes.

“Hey,” I smiled, “You aren’t freaking out to be in my presence anymore.” I joked.

“Why would I? I don’t think I freaked out over Liam Payne from 1D since I freaked started freaking over the Liam Payne who is my boyfriend.” She smiled.

Wait? Did I just hear her correctly? Her boyfriend?

I smiled

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