Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


13. Keeping Secrets


**Four Months Later**


.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V~:.

I woke up on the couch. Juliet was on the loveseat and Jennifer was on the floor. Alexis must’ve woken up and gone to bed. I heard the boys come in so I closed my eyes again and pretended to sleep.

“Shhhh…” I heard Niall whisper

“1,” Liam laughed

“2,” Zayn whispered

“And THREE!” Harry yelled. The next thing I knew I was being sprayed with by a water gun. The other three girls shot up and screamed as Alexis came running down with four water guns.

“Girls! Catch!!!” she laughed and tossed us each a water gun. The boys stopped.

“Bring it boys!” Jennifer laughed and we all started to spray each other again. Once we were all out of water. I ran up to Niall and kissed him good morning,

“So what’s with the rude awakening, my little leprechaun?”

“We figured we would try to start off your day really horribly so that tonight you would be extra happy princess.” He said and kissed my cheek.

“What are we doing tonight?” Jen asked as she hugged Harry.

“Well tonight we are taking you girls out to a special dinner to celebrate your homecoming. Be ready at 7, okay. And dress really nicely?” Harry smiled.

“Okay… hey, where is Louis?” Juliet asked.

“That’s why we are doing it tonight. Louis left early sometime this morning. He said he just wanted to think and he’ll be back in time tonight.” Zayn sighed

“Shouldn’t we make sure he’s okay?” I asked.

“Nah, you girls just go get ready for tonight. The lads and I are going to pick up a few things and we will be back later.” Niall said as he kissed the tip of my nose and the guys all were out the door.

Alexis turned to all of us, “It’s already noon! Let’s get ready!” We all cheered and ran upstairs


.:~Louis’ P.O.V.~:.

I just wasn’t able to take it anymore. Watching the lads making out, hugging, cuddling and doing whatever with the girls has just become too much to handle. I had to get out and get some fresh air. I decided I would do a bunch of different things just to keep myself occupied. I decided to go to the gym first. Work out some of my anger and depression. As I was running on the treadmill, the TV came on to a movie preview I really didn’t want to see. I watched the screen

~The Preview~

“She ran away to find herself…” The voice said, and on the screen it showed Kennedy getting off a plane

“But she found the part of herself no one thought existed…” it continued

It changed to a scene of Zac Efron pulling Kennedy out of the way, “GET DOWN!” then it faded to a scene of them sitting on a couch,

“I promise I will protect you, even if it means I have to take a bullet for you.” Zac whispers

“I would too…” and it faded out and the title came across the screen “KEEPING SECRETS”

~End of Preview~

I couldn’t take it and I walked out of the gym. As I walked past a magazine stand, I saw something that I thought would make me cry. On the cover of the magazine was Kennedy and Zac walking through a parc with his arm around her and she was giving him the look of love she used to give me. The headline was, “Zac and Kennedy, More than just an on screen romance?” I felt like I was going to explode. I bought the magazine because I was stupid enough to want to know what it said. As I opened it and started to read, I felt the tears streaming down my face


.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.

It was 6:55, and we were finally all ready. We looked fancy enough to go to an awards show. My phone tweeted. I pulled it out to see someone had tagged me in a tweet. It was a tweet from Niall,

<Can’t wait for the BRIT Awards tonight! Surprise @AlyssaG!!!! >

I smiled, “Girls, I know where we are going tonight!”
“Where?” Jennifer asked

“The BRIT Awards!!!!”
The girls screamed and then we heard the guys call from downstairs. We walked down to see all the guys in tuxs’, even Louis, but his eyes were a tad puffy, he must’ve been crying, then I remembered the magazine I saw today. Poor Louis, but why would Kennedy do that?

“You girls look fantastic!” Zayn exclaimed

“You guys don’t look too hideous yourselves.” I laughed

“So are you girls surprised?” Harry asked as he took Jennifer’s hand.

“Incredibly!” Juliet laughed.

“Okay, well the limo is out front, so let’s go!” Niall cheered and we all left.


The boys won the British Single award. We all cheered. I was so proud of Niall… I was so proud of all of them. We all were. When we finally got home, we were all incredibly tiered. We all went instantly to bed and slept like babies


.:~Kennedy’s P.O.V.~:.

I was still in the lounge room on the set of the movie. I was flipping through the channels; I saw the BRIT Awards and heard the announcer say,

“And the winner of this years British Single is… ONE DIRECTION!”

 I was so proud of the boys. I saw that they brought the girls as dates, but Louis went solo, and I could tell something was bothering him. I felt a tear in the corner of my eye

“Hey babe,” Zac said as he walked in and put his arm around me.
“Hey Zac. What’s up?”
“Nothing, I see your friends won an award. Oh and guess what? We have already made the front page of People and Elle UK! People are crazy about Zennedy!”

“Elle UK? As in people in the UK know about us?”
“Yea,” he smiled

“Oh… Um, I’m tiered. I’m going to go to bed. I’ll see you for filming in the morning.” I said and drove back to my hotel


.:~Zayn’s P.O.V.~:.

“I’m so beyond proud of you Zayn.” Juliet said as she kissed me.

“Thanks love.” I smiled. Today was the best day of my life. I watched Juliet fall asleep in my arms. I’m so glad she came back to me. I was never going to let her go.

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