Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


20. Is it mine?


**One Month Later**

.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.

   It’s been a month since the wedding. It was kinda weird not having Alexis and Liam live at the house with the eight of us, but I guess they needed their own place. It was 3AM. I was asleep in Niall’s arms until something jolted me awake. I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. When I was sure it was finally over, I thought back to myself what could’ve possible triggered that. I have an iron stomach. Then it hit me. I did the quick math in my head. Fuck, I thought to myself, I missed my period.

I had to know what was going on. I quickly threw on some track pants and a shirt with my jacket. I threw on my boots and stole Niall’s keys and sprinted downstairs. I heard the TV on and looked over to see Harry and Jennifer. They looked at me confused.

“Where are you going?” Jen asked

“Um, I have to go get some, uh, lady products.”
“Oh, can you grab me some?” she asked

“Um, Jen, not that lady product, the other one.”

Her eyes widened, “No…”

“I think so.”

Harry looked so lost, and I was glad for that. Jennifer turned to Harry and said,

“I’m going to go help her, because, um, I, uh, need specials ones that she will have a hard time finding.” She lied

“Oh, okay,” he responded, still confused, as she grabbed her jacket and shoes and we walked out.

We got into the car and I started to drive to the closest drug store when Jennifer stopped me.

“What?” I asked

“We shouldn’t go to the drugstore we normally go to. The people there know us. I think we should go to one pretty far away. Somewhere were no one would recognize us at 3AM.”

“Ummm,” I thought as I typed into the GPS, “There is one in Folkestone, that’s about two hours from here.”
“Sounds good, let’s go!” 

When we got to the drugstore, we grabbed a test, paid for it and found the washroom.

“Okay, I’ll wait out here, you go do your thing.”

“Okay,” I went to the washroom and did my thing. I looked at my watch, it was 5:30AM. Okay. In 15 minutes, I’ll find out what my answer was. I threw it in my purse and walked out to Jennifer. When we got in the car, we started to drive home, and then I saw that it was 5:45AM. Okay, it was time.

“Jen, you look. I’m too nervous.”

“Um, okay. But before I do, if it’s positive, are you going to go through with it?” She reached into my purse and pulled out the test. The expression on her face didn’t give me a hint.

“Yes. Of-of course… What does it say?” I asked nervously.

“It’s, um, it’s negative.” I was in shock. It was negative. Why was I so upset? It would be easier now. Jenn looked at me waiting for a reply.

“Oh, oh that’s good,” I stuttered, “Now I won’t get fat, and won’t have to worry about Niall not wanting to be a part of it, and, and,” I was crying now, “Oh who am I kidding? I was so excited! I thought I would be a mom, and for Niall to be the father, it was, it was just everything I ever wanted. I wanted to get pregnant, I wanted to raise a child, and I wanted it all…” I sobbed. Jen looked up at me and smiled, “What are you smiling about?” I asked.

“I just wanted to see if you really wanted this child, it’s positive.”

“IT IS?” I cheered, “Oh my god. I’m going to be a mom! I can’t believe you lied to me!” I hit her arm playfully, and then hugged her, crying happy tears.

“Um, it’s 6AM. Do you want to go out for breakfast and do some shopping while we are down here?” Jenn asked.
“Sure!” I responded, still crying a little. I can’t believe I’m pregnant.

Just then Jennifer’s phone rang. It was Harry.


.:~Niall’s P.O.V.~:.

I woke up to an empty bed beside me. I looked over at my clock. It was 5:45AM. Where was Alyssa? Her shoes and jacket was gone, and her drawers were open so she must’ve grabbed clothes. I also noticed my keys were gone. I heard the TV on downstairs. I walked downstairs to see Harry watching TV.

“What are you doing up so early?” I asked

“Um, I haven’t exactly gone to bed yet. I’ve been waiting for Jennifer and Alyssa to get home…”
“Where did they go?”
“To buy lady products or something.”

“When did they leave?”

He looked at his watch, “Um, about three hours ago.”

“Um, and you aren’t worried? The drugstore is 5 minutes from here!”
“Oh, right.” He suddenly looked worried, “Um, I’ll call her.” He pulled out his phone and dialed, finally she picked up

“Hey Jennifer? You’ve been gone for three hours… where are you? Niall and I are worried.”

“Oh it’s okay,” I heard her say, but I also heard crying. It was Alyssa. I nudged Harry, “Ask her why Alyssa is crying.”
“Jen, why is Alyssa crying if everything is okay?”

“They are happy tears,” she replied, “We will tell you when we get home. We are in Folkestone right now. We are going to breakfast and do some morning shopping and we should be home around 2.”
“Um, okay… bye Jen. I love you.”

“I love you too Haz. Oh and tell Niall Alyssa loves him.” I heard her say that and yelled into the phone, “LOVE YOU TOO PRINCESS!” and I heard her laugh. Harry was about to hang up the phone, but then Jennifer yelled, “WAIT!” he brought the phone back to his ear, “Yea babe?”

“Can you have everyone at the house for two?”

“Okay, bye!” and he hung up.



Alexis and Liam would be here in about 15 minutes. Zayn and Juliet had gone out for lunch and would be back shortly and Louis and Kennedy were watching a movie in the basement, while Harry and I watched TV upstairs. I heard the door open. Jennifer and Alyssa walked in. Alyssa was glowing. Jennifer whispered something to Alyssa, then went to sit beside Harry while Alyssa walked into the kitchen

“NIALL! Can you come in here please?” she called and I walked in.

“Are you finally going to tell me what is going on?” I asked and she laughed.

“Yea, I figured you should know first before I tell the others,” she looked so happy

“What is it?” I couldn’t help but smile, knowing it was good news.
“Niall,” she sighed happily, “I’m…” she rested her hand on her tummy.
“No,” I smiled and she nodded,


“It’s mine?”

“Who else’s could it be?”

“I’m going to be a dad…” I was so happy, but I tried to keep calm. She laughed,

“It’s cool Niall, you can freak out if you want.”
I jumped up and down with a huge smile on my face. I kissed her tummy then kissed her. I brought her into the biggest Horan Hug ever.

“I already made a doctors appointment for tomorrow morning,” she smiled

“Okay. I love you my beautiful princess.”

I heard the door open. Everyone was here. I heard them sit down.

“Let’s go.” I took her hand and walked out. When we sat down, everyone stared at us, waiting.

“So what is it?” Kennedy asked

“Um, Niall and I,” Alyssa started

“We are going to have a baby,” I finished for her, smiling.

Everyone’s expressions lit up,

“Wait, so you are,” Louis asked

“I’m pregnant.” Alyssa smiled and everyone cheered and smiled back.


A/N: Hey guys. I really hope you are liking this! Please could you guys read my other two fanfics? They are called Loved You First and Take Me Home :) Enjoyy

~Kenny Tomlinson <3

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