Everthing Has Changed

Niall and Alyssa were best friends when she lived in Ireland, but then Alyssa moved to Toronto.
Five years later, Alyssa is dragged by her four best friends Kennedy, Alexis, Juliet and Jennifer to go to a signing for some band called One Direction and she can't believe who one of the members are.
This story is about the ups and downs of love that is separated by oceans, fame, and how hard they will work to stay together


28. Hole in the Middle of my Heart like a Polo


**8AM Toronto Time**

.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.

   My plane landed. I was back in Toronto. It was 3AM back here, I also realized it was Austin’s first birthday. He was asleep in the chair beside me. I kissed his forehead and whispered,

“Happy birthday Austin. I’m so sorry this is happening, today of all days.”

I picked him up and we all got off the plane. He was still sleeping in my arms as we went through customs.

When we finally got out, I put my sunglasses and flat cap so no one would recognize me. Austin’s eyes fluttered open. He looked around, probably because, even at a young age, he knew that every time we got off a plane, Niall would be there to give him a hug. Poor Austin looked confused,

“Dadda?” he said. I felt tears come in my eyes. That was the first time he had ever said that.

“I’m sorry little buddy,” I said to him, fighting back tears, “I don’t think you have a daddy anymore.”


**2PM London Time**

.:~Niall’s P.O.V.~:.

I picked up the ring and just stared at it. Then I read what was written on the inside of the ring- Forever and Always ~Nialler- I cried. I was so stupid. I can’t believe she was gone. Maybe she was still here in London, maybe she was just at a hotel, maybe I still had a chance. I slumped downstairs, still weak in the knees. I walked into the kitchen and saw a little post-it on the kitchen island. I walked over and read it,

“What did I do wrong? –A” I cried some more, then walked over to the computer. The screen came to life and the window that was open was the British Airways website, listing the times for the flights from London to Toronto, and that a flight had left at 2AM, and she had bought two tickets for that flight. She was gone. I called Kennedy and Louis’ apartment,

Their phone rang twice and then someone picked up,

“Hello?” It was Louis.

“Lou?” I cried.

I heard him sigh and then sob a little, “Kennedy,” he mumbled, she must’ve been beside him. It was quiet for a second or two then I heard Lou say to me, “We are on our way. Do you want me to call the others?”

“Sure.” I sobbed, “I might as well have everyone know at once.”

I heard rumbling on the other side of the line and then I heard Kennedy,

“I’m sorry I yelled at you Niall.” She cried

“No. You’re right. I’m so sorry I did this to your best friend. You have every right to hate me.”
“Honestly Niall, I do hate you, but I also feel really bad. You just lost a huge part of your life, and you need someone there for you.”

“Thanks Ken.”
“We are on our way Niall. Just hold on.” And the line went dead.


About ten minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I dried my eyes and opened the door. I felt sixteen arms wrap around me.

“It’ll be okay Niall,” Liam patted me on the back.

“You guys hang out in here, the girls and I are going to go talk in the kitchen.” Alexis said and went to kiss Liam, but decided not to, so I wouldn’t be sad. Too late I already was.

“Okay.” Harry said and the girls cleared into the kitchen and closed the door so we couldn’t hear. The guys and I all sat down,

“So I’m guessing Kennedy and Louis told you what I did?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“Uh, yea.” Zayn sighed

“Do you hate me too?” I asked

“We aren’t happy. The girls are pretty pissed, they won’t show it though. We just want to know why, Niall.” Harry mumbled

“I don’t even know why!” I screamed, “There is nothing between me and Kate. I hate her guts! She is a whore and I have no clue what the hell I was doing. I’m supposed to be Alyssa, my one true love, the girl I was supposed to spend my entire life with, the girl I was supposed to raise my son with. But NOW THAT’S ALL GONE!” I was losing it now.

“Ni, calm down.” Liam said, a worried expression coming across his face.

“NO! I WILL NOT CALM DOWN! EVERYTHING THAT WAS EVER IMPORTANT TO ME IS GONE NOW, LIAM! GONE! G-O-N-E! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT! NO, BECAUSE YOU AND ALEXIS HAVE A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP AND NOTHING EVER GOES WRONG WITH YOU TWO! IT’S ALWAYS PERFECT THOUGH YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!” I screamed then sat down. Liam looked so hurt. I instantly regretted what I said. He did deserve Alexis and their perfect life. He almost lost her twice, but still cared for her, “Li, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it.”

“No, it’s okay. I know you are hurting.” Liam gave me a sad smile then came and hugged me because he knew I didn’t believe him, “Really Nialler. It’s okay.” I whispered.

“I think one of the girls are going back to Toronto to talk to her.” Zayn smiled

“What about the premiere?” I asked

“I don’t think we are going…” Harry sighed.

“No, you guys are all going. Kennedy was really excited and so were you guys. Just tell the press Austin got sick so Alyssa and I stayed behind, that will be the story until the press finds out.”

“But we don’t want to leave you alone.” Zayn said.

“But you want to go. I will be fine I just need time to think, and to be alone. It would be best for me if you went.”

“Okay, well if we can convince the girls…” Louis started and the girls walked back in.

“Um okay guys, I’m gonna go home to Toronto and talk to Alyssa.” Kennedy said, but I got up and grabbed her before she could walk out the door, “No Kennedy. Go grab your bags at home, all of you. It’s three PM now. Be back here at 3:30, I will drive you to the airport so you can be there for four PM to be on your flight for 7:00.”
“But Niall…” Alexis protested.

“But nothing! I know you all want to do this and I just want to be alone for a few days.”

“If you’re sure…” Juliet sighed.

“GO!” I faked a smile and after some protests, they finally left and said they would be back in half an hour so I could drive them to the airport. I went on Twitter to see if anyone had seen Alyssa. Nothing. I posted a new tweet,

< Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo. Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo. And it’s no joke to me. So we can we do it all over again? > and there were instant replies of “What happened Niall?” or “Are you and Alyssa over?” and a bunch of retweets and posts with Alyssa’s Twitter name tagged.

I sat around and then figured I should at least try to call her.


.:~Alyssa’s P.O.V.~:.

I was on twitter. Niall posted his solo to Over Again and everyone was asking questions and tagging me. My phone lit up and started playing “Change My Mind”. It was Niall calling. I picked up my phone and stared at it, wondering whether I should answer or not. I cried and decided against it and I hit the button ‘IGNORE’.



.:~Niall’s P.O.V.~:.

She ignored my call. I lay down on the couch and cried myself to sleep.

There was a knock on the door and then Louis and everyone else came in,

“Maybe we shouldn’t go…” I heard Jennifer whisper.

“NO!” I shot my head up, “You guys need go! It’s Kennedy’s movie premiere and the first one she got all of us tickets to. Just tell the press it’s personal why Alyssa and I didn’t come.”

“Okay…” Louis sighed and we all loaded into the One Direction Van and drove to the airport.


When we got there, I just dropped them off, said goodbye, wished Kennedy luck and drove off, making sure I went un-noticed. I succeeded.


Then, when I finally got home, I went upstairs to my bedroom and reached under the bed and pulled out a book. The book I was going to give to Alyssa at our wedding. It was full of pictures of us, from the time we were three and forward. It wasn’t done because I was going to add pictures all the way up to our wedding picture. I flipped through them.

The first picture was when we were three. We were sitting outside my house eating popsicles and our faces were a mess. I laughed to myself. I flipped through pictures and watched us grow up. Then I got to a picture that brought back a sad memory. It was Alyssa and I at the airport, both our cheeks tear stained. We were fourteen years old. Alyssa was moving to Toronto that day. Then I flipped to the next page, it was Alyssa and I at the signing before we were reunited, well more during that time. I flipped through more pictures and the last one I had was Austin, Alyssa and I backstage at the concert, right before Austin said his first words. I cried, then realized it was Austin’s first birthday. I opened up Twitter,

< @NiallOfficial: Happy first birthday to my lovely son. He is my world and I love him with all my heart. Can’t believe only a year ago today you came into my world <3 >

 Then I signed off and next thing I new I was asleep on the floor, hugging the book.


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