Ghost Of You -ZaynMalik-

“When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and .always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair. -Demi James XaVier

I'm breathin' in, breathin' out
Ain't that what it's all about?
Livin' life crazy loud
Like I have the right to
No More words in my mouth
Nothin' left for me to doubt
But I don't think I'll ever break through
The ghost of you

We Always regret what we didn't enjoy and try to live but is it all worth it?


11. Tears in my eyes ♫♫

One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never! -Demi James XaVier



Remember when you were life 5 years old running around the park playing in the park not giving a damn about what anybody thought until you fall and start crying so your mom rush over and kiss the pain away ? 

well at least that's what happened when we were young and as stupid as we are we wished to grow up

Piece of advice Don't grow up it's a trap.


Today i woke up feeling like hell ,my hair was practically in every direction and my make up was smudged i looked like a circus clown.i sincerely didn't want to wake up today.

umm i was scared from looking in the mirror ,really it wasn't a great view.

i went to the shower and got dressed in :-

today hell this is the new me watch out zayn you won't know what's ganna hit you.

i was starving so i decided to go to Starbucks to get breakfast.

when i went to the cashier i knew what i wanted so i went straight away

"Can i have A mocha and A bagel please"i told the cashier she was young probably 16 or something

"Sure yeah that will be 18"she looked at me with a smile ,the when she recognized who i am i think she's having a spasem

"OMG you...what"She screamed while i laughed

"So im guessing you're a fan?"i asked her laughing

"what im not a fan i man your biggest fan"she said while snapping her fingure in "Z" shape

i laughed and told her "wanna take a pic"

"Hell yeah "she said holding her happiness inside

i jumped on the counter got my iPhone out and took a picture of both of us.

"Haha you are so sweet what's your name doll ?"i asked her

"Its Dolly and I LOVE YOU"she said well she screamed the last part out

"Well dolly why don't you give me your number and i'll call you later you seem sweet?"i asked her nicely i really needed a girlfriend around here

"yeah sure"she wrote it down and looked like she was about to pass out .

i ate and then left to go to the studio.

when i entered i saw the boys well except zayn , where the hell could he be

oh wait that's him with his *cough*Bitch*cough* haha

"Babe gimme a kiss"she told him , well i almost puked when i heard it

"NoP"he told her simply i wonder why she's his girlfriend it's so obvious he doesn't like her.or maybe im just jealous Nah i like the first one better

"But babe"she whined while pulling him

with one swift move he slammed her into the wall while holding her hands above her

"Listen up Bitch you know fare well that i don't wanna be here anymore im here because of her so shut up as i swear that  they will be looking your name in the newspaper"he told her 

i looked around to see if anyone was around but all the boys were trying to get Louis of harry .i was scarred i have never seen this side of Zayn before

he let her go but not before he glanced at me one more time and walked away.

she saw me too im guessing considering she came to me but what amazed me is that she didn't look scared or shaken something was not right here??

"He's not good for you stay away"She told me while glaring ,well that pissed me of

"You'd be amazed sweety what i can endure pretty well we will see "i told her smirking leaving her confused behind ,i was confused to to the lack of confidence i got when i was talking to  her.

Simon entered the studio

in one second all they boys stood up and became instantly quiet

"Demi Go"he told me

i hurried inside the booth and the music rolled in

Here we go, welcome to my funeral

Without you I don't even have a pulse

All alone it's dark and cold

With every move I die


Here I go, this is my confessional

A lost cause, nobody can save my soul

I am so delusional

With every move I die


I have destroyed our love, it's gone

Payback is sick, it's all my fault


I'm dancing with tears in my eyes

Just fighting to get through the night

I'm losing it

With every move I die

after i finished i opened my eyes to fins Simon giving me two thumbs up and then he walked out

all the boys had a shocked look on their face.

i laughed and walking out

all the boys sang and after a while we were all tired but then harry asked me to come with him for a second

"So umm..i was wondering you know no pressure i mean only if you want to go on a date with know like maybe?"harry asked me well like stuttered awe how cute

"Sure harry i would love to"i told him

well there was no way cuz all i was thinking of was Zayn

"so i'll pick you up tomorrow at 8?"he told me i nodded happily and went outside to be faced by the glare of Zayn and him shaking his head disappointed.




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