Ghost Of You -ZaynMalik-

“When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and .always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair. -Demi James XaVier

I'm breathin' in, breathin' out
Ain't that what it's all about?
Livin' life crazy loud
Like I have the right to
No More words in my mouth
Nothin' left for me to doubt
But I don't think I'll ever break through
The ghost of you

We Always regret what we didn't enjoy and try to live but is it all worth it?


8. Ellen Show Story ☮


I don't have no fear of death. My only fear is coming back reincarnated.-Demi James Xavier



have you ever feared the moment you have to face everything you ran away from?

the last few weeks i worked on my only me nothing else.i went to Rehab yeah i had to fix myself i went for cutting and Drinking my management threw a fuss about it not that i didn't expect them to to be honest.

as for Rachel management requested her she came right after they called ,acting all worried when i knew sure in hell she wasn't 

-Flash Back-.

"How could you be so Stupid"My Producer Ace told me well basically Shouted but never mind

"Hmm..."Was the only reply i could think of right now i knew by responding won't help me fix anything i, it will only make it worse

"Where the hell is Rachel..Wasn't she suppose to be with you"Ace Screamed at me

"I don't know why don't you tell me Where she is"I replied 

he was stunned for exact i was to no one has ever and i repeat EVER spoke to Ace that way before they were to Scared but honestly today i felt fearless i didn't have anything to lose so might as well give it a shot

"Mitch call Rachel"Ace told Mitch his assistant 

Well that was Rude he treated me worse than he Treated Mitch.Note to self Never get On Ace bad side again

"No please allow me"i told him smiling knowing that as of now everything will be exposed.

I picked up the phone and dialed her number i put her on speaker.still fifth ring no went straight to her voice mail .when Ace started speaking she instantly picked up the phone.i see what she did there.

"Where Are you Rachel?"Ace questioned her on the phone but i could tell clearly he was trying to hide his anger

"hi sir sorry i told Demi that i would take the weekend off and she told me it's okay"Rachel told him calmly .he looked at me while i stood bewildered i shook my head repeatedly that's a game she wasn't going to win.

"Hey Rachel remember me i'm the girl you decided to play your stupid game on Remember her."silence was all that i heard"Oh right bet you didn't think of that did you?"i question while laughing"Well looks like you failed you didn't tell me according to what you said Ace was the one who told you to take the vacation babe next time you wanna back stab get your facts straight this was one heck of a plan but unfortunately babe you failed"i told her half laughing but behind it i was holding to many tears.

i looked at Ace he was shocked that Rachel would do that but nothing could be compared to what i was feeling right now.

we waited for her response but it never came.after what seemed like a million years she said

"Sorry i was busy i must confused it im so sorry i will be right there"She replied

"Don't Bother ..You're Fired"Was the only words coming out Ace mouth i was smiling through my tears.when he closed the phone and handed it to me.

"It's going to be okay"Was the last words Ace told me before he walked out.and for once i knew that it will get okay.

after an hour The Back stabber cam oops sorry i meant Rachel came :D

"OMG babe are you alright im sorry i didn't hear it until now"She ran to me and hugged me

i shook her of me and smiled.she smiled back more like in victory thinking she won and that i believed her which i would usually have done but not now.i shock my head and raised my hand and slap her so hard im sure it would leave my hand mark on her cheek.

she looked at me with fire in her eyes, if looks could kill i would be dead right now.

"Don't you dare Bitch unless me right now you wouldn't be here right now ,you're just a stupid girl who nobody wants"She told me and smiled thinking she could break me.but honestly it didn't i was used to people not wanting me so nothing New.

"You are absolutely right Rachel you know i own you a lot for always treating me like i was your sister but i just wanna know How could you"i looked at her through my tears which were soaking my cheeks but right now i didn't give a damn.

she didn't respond

"HOW COULD YOU?"i asked again raising my voice.

silence was all i heard.

"How Could You TELL ME "i screamed

"ANSWER ME YOU OWE ME AT LEAST THAT MUCH"i angrily spoke seeing she wasn't responding.

"Was i really that horrible i mean i know i wasn't always the best i might have cried on your shoulder to much that i broke you was that it tell me? or maybe that i would always depend on you to much that you got tiered of me IM SORRY "i broke down crying trying to find a reason by blaming me it was to hard to believe it ,more like i didn't want to believe it.

-Flash Back End-

today i was appearing on Ellen .

i prepared everything ,As from now i am important i prepared my self for every question knowing it will be sentimental.

this was the first interview  i will be doing since i got from rehab.

later that day......

i was dressed in :-

i felt like a princess .. and for me that felt like being a life

as i entered the Ellen Stage it felt like a dream come true everything looked like it was getting ten times brighter every minute and for once i actually felt happy

i met Ellen a few minutes ago and posted it on Twitter im really one of her biggest fans.i may or may have not fangirled a bit when i met her but i meat YOLO right ??

i was now staring at my self in the mirror admiring everything i became how i looked at the world right now was more beautiful everything was gorgeous if you took the time to see it .

my hair looked like :

i truly felt beautiful and according to what you read earlier it was something that i never experienced i truly felt blessed.

in my Que at the side of the stage as Ellen introduced me and opened the show it was time.

"Everybody please welcome the lovely and talented Demi XaVier "she talked and as response the crowd went wild . that's a good start right?

i took a deep breath ,painted a smile on my face and stepped on stage.

"Hey Everyone thank you so much for having me here"i smiled sweetly to the crowd and Ellen it was truly amazing to be here.

"Look at you ,you look like a princess"Ellen told me

i had tears in my eyes right now "Well coming from you it felt like i died and went to heaven thank you so much"I told her and hugged her really tightly

she must have been shocked that someone did that.but i really did appreciated it.

"So we heard that you went to Rehab things must have went down the drill for a while"She told me

 this was what i braced myself for.

"Yeah actually the point is that I was raped"i told them everyone was shocked some gasped 

"Yeah i actually didn't respect my self i caused this for myself i didn't appreciate what i had it was like a small bump in the rode but on the bright side i would have never found the right rode if it didn't happen"

i took a deep breath and continued

"Every thing was getting to me lately unfortunately  a lot of trouble happened on tour you know , i guess it all went down the hill from there i was negative so.."i trailed of everyone understood i looked up to find some people crying and Ellen had tears down her face

and this time i explained everything i let the tears fall i exposed everything for a long time i haven't felt this free in for ever.

Ellen stood up and hugged me which i gladly accepted in a big embrace.

"So heard you got a tattoo am i correct ?" she asked

i nodded proudly and showed it to her.

"They are a couple "

the first one:-

"It reminds me that i will never Sink that i have to hold on everything i want and need for my dear life

the second one and third:-

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly"and "Take those Sunken eyes and learn to see"

she nodded at me impressed it was the end so i stood up and sang.

Do you see me and still feel love
Or have I changed inside your heart
To have only you is such a fuss
To give all of me is not enough

You left then, you came back
Sorry don't make it up to me
Sorry won't make me believe
He's down on bending knees
You're down on bending knees saying

You didn't mean it
You didn't mean it
If you didn't mean it then why would you say it
He didn't mean it
You never mean it
Then why in the world would you say it
There's no tomorrow don't you know
Love me now or let me go
He didn't mean it
You never mean it
Then why in the world would you say it
Say it, say it... "

i sang it with much emotions as possible and smiled at then end.

I said Good Bye but it didn't She said there was a surprise 

Two fans came up and Blind Fold me i smiled and laughed when i opened my eyes i found....















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