Love Affair by Text Message

He writes poetry and stories with all the pain torn from his soul, because deep in his heart a love is burning from long ago.

He calls her out of the blue to tell her he can't forget her, can't get her out of his mind, but she is with another and now they can only text their love and feelings and imagine what being together would be like...


2. The jigsaw man - he left a piece of himself behind

What delight your visions bring.... heightened by the sweet rifts of Dire Straits 'brothers in arms' caressing memories alive once more...(Mermaid)

Hello - You're so far away running through my brain. Listened many, many times to that song. Thought of you many, many times, never wanting to forget. It's lonely in this mean old village.
I look forward to being lost in your gaze. A time when my eyes can caress the woman, a time when words are allowed to fall freely from two hearts. Sleep well x x xJ

Sleepless in that mean 'ol village where the heart and soul of my sweet scribe is.... I see the same velvet night sky as you - dreams begin (Mermaid)

Dawn arrived in the sleepy village. I woke and wondered what do you do with your days. I have many questions, but will only ask if invited. I felt a deep gladness that you are there in my heart. I send you my thoughts and whisper my joy hoping it finds you amonst the birdsong of a new day. xxxJ

What thoughts dance through my far away friends heart. I want to lose myself in tìme with you and feel the deep pleasure of your presence, am l selfish. Maybe but l am me. x x xJ

It takes me back to the pounding of thunder rain on the flat roof of the world you couldn't be a part of......(Mermaid)

Dìfferent man then, too destructive. Self-worth tainted, so many mantra words under my bridge. What good is an emotional grenade to anyone. Then one Sunday, l felt the thoughts of you thunder through my heart. It wouldn't stop. xxxJ

Could it be the man has become the person I always thought he was, someone who's struggle lay only within himself, because a turmoil tore apart the world he could have known, the sweetest fragile summer he was ever shown...(Mermaids)

That sweet, fragile summer, that brief but oh so beautiful touch of love, left a man in painful mourning, for nothing could be the same. Yes, he became the man you knew he was. His tears, cold, acìdìc, one cold October night tore away the mask he'd worn with vanity and plastic pride. Why now? That l have no words for xxxJ

Tell me about that October night....(Mermaid)

A night walking alone on a beach, a man crying to a silent god for answers, a god that kept his silence, the rain ìcy, cutting as winter rain does. My tears of deep frustratìon. Tears for myself. Took back my life, god said nothing. My life my decisions. Stopped being guilty for wanting love. Started to rebuild the man. Stopped saying l'm sorry for being me. Took many hours, always early morning and wrote much for reflection. needed to see who l was. Searching a broken soul. Very much a jigsaw man, some pieces lost under a settee. xxx J

Jigsaw man you left the missing pieces with me - lost amongst a kaleidoscope of other pictures you went away to make. Your world a rolling dice that never landed the right way up - tell me what led up to that lonely walk on the bare shores of your soul...(Mermaid)

Utter frustration, deep feelìngs of loss. I felt invisible, my only friend a large baggy overcoat. Something inside screaming beyond audible hearing. A strong desire to find myself control switch. So many things. The suppression of the physìcal me. In truth l never valued myself. How could l be worth love, it hurt to lose it, so l cried lonely on the shores of my mean old town. xxxJ

How long ago was this despair? You always gave the impression you were doing what you wanted to do. Perhaps the one decision that should have been made by you, was made for you.... (Mermaid)
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