Love Affair by Text Message

He writes poetry and stories with all the pain torn from his soul, because deep in his heart a love is burning from long ago.

He calls her out of the blue to tell her he can't forget her, can't get her out of his mind, but she is with another and now they can only text their love and feelings and imagine what being together would be like...


1. He called his mermaid out of the blue

How is your today going? What thoughts travel through your heart and mind? Just a thought xxx J

Hi Dude - the sun just shone through the rain clouds - you brightened my day. (Mermaid)

Hearing your voice gave my heart a reason to smile. Thank you for coming into my mind again xxx J

You were sent to make me smile ;-) passage of time is but a path that leads you back to your kindred spirit (Mermaid)

I have whispered your name in my heart so many times. The memories are diamonds on black velvet. I would not let them leave. Time, and too many falling tears, fallen but never lost. Hello again xxxJ

Jewelled tears that glittered in dawn sunlight upon the field of dreams. Held spellbound alone together in a crowded world...(Mermaid)

Oh where have you been? What have your eyes seen? I have been a wraith in the shadows of your sunlit day. Your beauty always a beacon. Your words complete a circle not forgotten. xxxJ

Today my heart lept with honour. I felt the sunshine, l felt a dance within my mind. Today is a beautiful day xxxJ

Waves of warm, moving moments wash upon the shoreline of a place where we meet, against the backdrop of all creation... (Mermaid)

So many wìld white horses crash against a cold winter beach. Searching , holding days of joy in a palace wìthout time. Fate the joker. Sweet sunny days caress two souls again. XxxJ

Sweet scribe your words enfold my senses and entwine around my inner thoughts. sunkissed and embraced by a summer breeze, so gentle only our hearts are stirred... (Mermaid)

I am truly honoured, to string a necklace of pearl words together for a heart I have known for many years. You came to me on a Sunday, thoughts of you wrapped me in a sweet haze of joy, of hope, my senses reached out searching for a look I had known. A look my heart hungered for xxJ

Today, the sun shone brighter than my heart remembers, the summer breeze felt angelic in its caress. Was it like that for you? xxxJ

A day so perfect in its warmth and magical light. A heart of fluttering butterflies and a spirit soaring with dancing swifts... (Mermaid)

Rippling waves of random memories... Encircled within your midnight cape, decked with stars and as deep as forever. Then with a flourish, a salutation, we were propelled apart... (Mermaid)

Sadness, oh sadness, why did you take away so many hopes. Propelled apart and yet bound in words, needed to be spoken, words never forgotten or eroded by time. xxJ

Words sent on summers wind seeks that soul never lost nor forgotten, that morse code rattle on winter's window, spoke loudly from my midnight heart xxxJ

Etched upon the sands where two oceans meet, our words ebb and flow... dearest knight, paint the sky with a rainbow smile to touch me in the dawn light...xx (Mermaid)

Dawn arrived with gentle caress, the freshness of a cool breeze ran silent fingers across my face, sending a joy too beautiful to be dressed in mere words. A sond drifted through my mind, I fell lost in a sea of possibilities..xxxJ

Gentle words define a perfect moment - how evocative to share and feel such joy... your eloquence is vivid and yet sublime. Your thoughts touch mine with a myriad of summer's colours x (Mermaid)

Words found a welcome place in two hearts, beneath a grey cloak of rain. Sweet smiles a joy without measure sought haven in souls like ours xxx can you talk? J

Can only murmur in our virtual world sweet spirit (Mermaid)

Sweet woman, I sing silently in my heart a song of songs. I hear trees rustle with sweet applause. I see the woman, my breath taken in a storm that it brings to my heart and I am lost in exquisite gladness xxxJ
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