3. Chapter 3

Sammi's pov-

"who are you?" harry asked him.

"her as you may have heard." chase responded with a smirk as he walked closer to me.

"dont touch her." harry warned.

"oh what are you gonna do about it?" he asked him, as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a knife, causing me to gasp.

"give me your virginity." chase warned.

"no." I said proudly. Then pain struck in my stomach area, causing everything to go black.


Harry's pov-

he just stabbed her...he is such an idiot.

"liam! niall! louis! zayn!" I called, turning my head to face the door. I suddenly felt a burst of clod air hit me...I turned my head to find her gone...


**A/N: sorry guys for not updating soon. i have writers block and that crap. i am about to put a new movella out about what i am going through right now...lets just say somethings are meant to be told. x Sammi**

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