2. Chapter 2

Sammi's POV-


I made my way through the school hallways getting the same hate. Being fat and ugly, well you know what? Deal with it. But the thing is...I cant deal with it. I weigh 180 pounds. Yes an 8th grader weighing 180 pounds. I stopped at my locker and began placing my books into it, when the class bell rang. Im late..again. When I closed my locker, I came face to face with my "boyfriend". You may be wondering why "boyfriend"...but thats because he asked me out for a joke. Everything was a joke.

"Hey babe, where are you going?" he asked me as he caressed my cheek.

"Dont touch me!" I screeched as I swatted his hands away from me.

"Oh so I cant touch my girlfriend?" he questioned sounding fake hurt as he let out a low chuckle and came closer to me.

"Stay away from me!" I yelled.

"SHUT UP," he yelled as he punched me in my gut, causing me to fall "little girl you havent given me what I wanted..." he finished with a low chuckle.

"Im not giving you my virginity." I said as I attempted to sit up, but failed as I groaned in pain.

"Well...then suffer the pain." he said as he pulled out a knife and cut my thigh..5 inches.

"I will be back to get what I want." he said as he left me on the ground.


"I havent saw him since." I finished.

" thats what happened?" I heard someone was dad.

"Yes..." I said with a sigh.

"You told me that you fell while climbing a fence. Im calling the police." he said as he took his phone.

"Dont you dare." a voice said from behind him. I looked and saw the one and only Chase.

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