IM RICH!!!!!!





It was just a normal day at school when I heard that ther was a big lottery taking plase at the city hall I asked one of the year sixs  could i have a leaflit then they gie my one I started to read it and this is what it said Dear everyone in starlanda town we are having a big lotto come now to buy your tickets ticket booth closes at 10pm on monday 6th december and oh and you have to be sisteen and over to buy tickets good luck !!!!!. Mmmm I   said well for a start im not sixteen yet my mother hates wasting money and stuff I know will give my best friend milly a ring ...........yes that is a great idea she said my idea was that i will get one of my mums dresses and sit on milly shoulders and pretend im over sixteen.It was time to get the ticket i hopped on millys shoulders and put on the dress "exsucse me maddum may i have one loto ticket sertently she said take a seat and wait ontil the loto women comes in and i said ok thank you and then i gently wisper to milly yes so wetook a sit and then the loto women came she called out the first number 2,78,9,76,and the last number 26 i quickly jumped out of millys shoulders and the dress came down i shouted hooray!!! oh no i said to milly run!! so then the police got involved because my mother found the check under my bed so we agreed with the head cheef police that we wont spend the money ontil we ar sixteen so when that day came i was ......... RICHoh and milly of corse £10000.


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