The New York Trip.

Peyton Strey is a normal 17 year old girl, who oves to look after kids. When Peyton gets the job of lifetime, it's off to New York to look after 3 America children.

Ally is 13, and such a Drama Queen.
Mayley is 6, and runs around the house with her mom's high heels and cherry red lipstick.
And then there's Jay Jay.
He's the same age as Peyton.
But he has one hell of a secret.
Something Peyton has to chose between...


2. At Starbucks.

I parked my car in the familiar car lot, and wandered in through the glass doors. A sudden wind blew the smell of coffee and coco beans in my face, and I smiled at the strong and delicious scent.

I made my way over to the counter and ordered a strong coffee, and bought a small doughnut too. This was my usual order, so I wasn't surprised when James, my usual server, had the order already.

"Thanks babe" I winked, and shot me a look.

"It's alright. And, hey, I wish you the best, okay? You'll do great, I promise".

It was like he knew I was going to get the job. But I just smiled it off, and made my way back towards my car. I hated drive-through. They never got anything correct. It was always strong when you needed weak, or un-salted when you needed salt. But, oh well.

I climbed into my Camero, and slid the cup of warm, fresh smelling coffee into the cup-seat, and ate my doughnut as quickly as I could. Then I set off into the heart of London, where the traffic lay in front of me the whole way.

After 50 minuets of cautious driving, I arrived in a large street. It wasn't busy, or jam-packed like most of the streets in London, it was more seclueded, and a little creepy. I sipped my coffee that managed to actual stay warm, and dumped the empty cup into the bin just ahead. Then I turned towards the building I was meant to be in, and took a step inside.

There was only a glass door, and I was pretty surprised at how un-posh it actually was. I almost thought I'd grabbed the wrong address, whens suddenly, Sandra Lewis, my head worker, smiled at me with such enthusiasm, I thought her jaw was going to break off.



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