The New York Trip.

Peyton Strey is a normal 17 year old girl, who oves to look after kids. When Peyton gets the job of lifetime, it's off to New York to look after 3 America children.

Ally is 13, and such a Drama Queen.
Mayley is 6, and runs around the house with her mom's high heels and cherry red lipstick.
And then there's Jay Jay.
He's the same age as Peyton.
But he has one hell of a secret.
Something Peyton has to chose between...


1. Ready.

I pulled myself out of bed and down the stairs into the kitchen. Mum and dad sat at the table, both sipping cups of what smelled like coffee, and eating toast.

"Hey" I smiled, taking a seat beside mum. She gave me a smile, and swallowed her toast.

"I put some toast in for you, honey. It'll be ready in a moment" she replied, and I nodded. I stood beside the toaster, waiting for the ping, and watched dad reading the paper.

"Anything interesting?" I questioned, and dad looked up.

"Not unless you find murders cool".

I gave him my most discusted look, and he laughed.

"Guess not, then".

The toaster suddenly pinged, and I grabbed the burning hot toast and dropped it on one of the shining white plates. The butter was already out, so I spread the butter across my toast, and sat back down at the table.

It took about 3 bites for me to finish. Then I poured out a glass of orange juice, sipped every last drop up, and jogged off up the stairs.

I got myself dressed as smartly as I could, because quite frankly, I needed this job. And by this job, I mean the job where I would be flown off to New York to baby-sit a few children for about 4 monthes.

It paid great, and I had all the experience I needed. But all I honestly needed to do to get the job, was to act smart, and sophisticated.

Which, honestly, I was not. I was the most down-to-earth person you could ever find, and wearing skirt-suits were kind of frighting.

I opened the doors of my white flower wardrobe, and shuffeled through until I found my pale grey suit, with the matching grey skirt. Then I found my white blouse, and plain chained necklace.

I had enough time to have a refreshing shower, so I slipped into the bathroom, taking my clothes with me, and hung them on the back of the door. I then slid out of my pyjama's, and stepped into the shower. I pressed the button and the water shot out of the shower, and over my body.

In a couple of minutes, I was fresh, and warmed up, so I shut the shower off, and dried myself off. Then I climbed into my clothes, adjusting the waist band for the skirt, and finally, I could begin on my face.

I added a tiny smitch of foundation, and a large amount of mascara. A tinsy bit of eyeliner and then I was done.

I brushed through my red dyed hair, and hooked some of it behind my ears. Then I twizeled my earrings around, and gave myself a 5star smile.

Somebody knocked on the door, and I sighed.


"Honey, are you nearly finished? I need to get myself ready, too!"

"Oh, okay, nearly done! I forgot to brush my teeth!"

I scrubbed away really quick, used a tiny amout of mouthwash, and rinsed the sink. Then I straighted my outfit, and opened the door.

My mum clasped her hands and smiled.

"Honey, you look so..."

"Mature? Sophisticated?"

"Both! Oh, your going to get this job! Well, I hope you do. It's all about your skills though, honey. I'm sure you'll be fine".

I gave my mum a wink.

"Thank's mum. Oh God, I love you so much!"

I bent down and hugged her slightly, then beamed at her.

"Right, off I go. I might stop of at Starbuck's. Need a good coffee in the morning".

Then I jogged down the stairs, slipped on my heels, grabbed the keys, and left. I made my way down the driveway, the sun shining brightly in my eyes, and warming my body the way I liked it. Then I opened the car door, climbed in, and made my way to Starbucks'.

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