Songs Underwork

All of these songs are written by me, I know most of them are no good but people really wanted me to write this.


3. Memories

I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

That you wouldn't see me roaming these halls again

Thinking of our past, and what could have been

I lie away at night

trying to figure out where I went wrong

But baby I really have no clue

Was it me or was it just you?

I had hoped that we could still be friends,

but now I see the way your eyes fill with hate when you look at me

Baby there's no going back

Our words are law

I can't take away all those memories

But I can watch all of them fade

Life is so different now

Without you here by my side

And I wish I could stop myself from thinking of you

But your a part of me

That will be there forever

I'm never going to be able to get ride of you

And baby I need to know

could you ever forget me?

Could I be lost in your memories?

Cause if you can forget me, why can't I forget you?

Do you always have this lasting impression

The way you dig into people's hearts?

And now I finally realize where I went wrong,

it was the day I meet you

I should have known you were no good, 

that you would only cause pain.

But I was a fool, I thought you and I might actually have something

And I can't take away all those memories, but I can sure watch all of them fade

These lonely halls, I remember so well

I seem to come back here, every time.

And now I can see, the good in my life, without you.

Without you...

I lie awake at night, smiling to myself about everything that went wrong

You were no good for me, and now I finally see

I was trying to hold on, my grip was firm. But now I choose to let go.

My memories slip away, no more you, no more pain

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