Songs Underwork

All of these songs are written by me, I know most of them are no good but people really wanted me to write this.


8. Fooled

I'm drowning in my tears, 

they fall like a thousand rain drops.

I can barely breathe.

I  don't want you near me,

I don't want to hear your voice.


And after all that has happened,

I can't believe that you have the courage to say,

"I love you."


I used to be blinded, by a brilliant light.

But soon, the light burnt out, and I can finally seethe real you.

The you who was never there.

The you who never even cared.

The you who tried to get see away with so many things,

But now my eyes have been opened,

 And I see that you were never what I made you out to be.


I always thought you would be there for me,

 That I could count on you,

I thought that you cared for me,

 That you actually loved me.

but it seems that I was just a fool to fall for your games.


I'm drowning in my tears

 They fall to the ground, sending a shock throughout the world.

I didn't want to believe what I was told about you.

I wanted to believe you were the good guy.

That I was just gearing lies.

But now I can truly see, who you are.


You tried to sweet talk your way into my life.

Trying to smooth over the cracks you created.

And I let you get away with it, an  now I can see what you did to me.


You made me believe  you,

You made me think that you really cared.

You swore you were telling the truth,

I cried so many tears, and now I never want to hear your voice again.

But yet you still have  the courage to say that you love me.


Now I see the real you,

The you who played those stupid games.

The you who lied to my face.

The you who was never there.

The you who would blame it all on someone  else.

You would try and cause trouble, an  believe me darlin  it worked.

You caused me so much pain.


I was completely fooled by you.

I wouldn't listen to the others.

but now I have no choice.

And they were to right.

You had me completely fooled, oh oh fooled.

You fooled me!

 How could you pay with my emotions like that?

But baby now I see how you fooled me, and our lives will never be the same.


**AN** HEY guys!!  So I got some new insparation,tell me if you like this song. Cause my inspiration really got me goin  on this one. Thanks so much!!

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