Songs Underwork

All of these songs are written by me, I know most of them are no good but people really wanted me to write this.


9. Beautiful Tragedy

I sat there all alone that night,

Watching the stars from my window.

They lit light up the sky, what a beautiful tragedy.

Something beautiful never lasts, every star will burn out.

And when they do, where will we be?


Will you never trust me?

Can I even trust you?

They say that fate is in the stars, but they won't last forever. 

The beauty will burn out, just like our love.

I never understood, what love truly meant.

I thought I would find out, but that was just a thought.


It seems I've been living in my head, for such a long time.

Never seeing reality, never seeing the real you..

Your face was so cold, the anger in your eyes.

They looked deep into my soul, and found all the lies.


Now I'm sitting here, watching the airplanes go by.

Wishing they could take me with them,

get me out of your sight.

Who would have thought, a little white lie. 

Could turn a life, around.

Never for the better....

What a beautiful tragedy it is.


They say that time will only tell.

But it seems I'm running out of time.

When I walked away, you didn't say a word.

You haven't said anything to me, not a word.

And it tears me up inside, to know that I made the mistake.


But I'm only human, just beautiful tragedy I am.

Nothing more, nothing less.

You should have listened when they told I wasn't good enough.

I know I really screwed up, but I find myself hoping, that you will forgive me.


If you in my shoes, would you have done the same?

Would I be able to forgive you?

The stars seem to be quite tonight.

They don't want to speak, that makes for one wordless night.

And I just sit here, alone.

Hoping you can find, somewhere deep in your heart, one ounce of forgiveness.

Because baby, I'm just a beautiful tragedy.

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