Lucky love or not

Anna Duglas is 17 and VERY unlucky. She does her normal cures everyday for the past 2 years when she moved in her new house in Mirfield (West Yorkshire England). But one day was every different and she will never forget that day at all, her first crush. Will her luck come around or will it just break her heart, or even her life.


6. Chapter 6


We were just about 5 cm away from our first kiss, but the door open. "Hey, kids I'm off to work s-....oh.... sorry well bye" said my dad. I was sooooo close of having that kiss, SOOOO CLOSE!!!!!. Well maybe next time. Me and Niall had an awkard listens until "Do you want meet my mates?" Niall asked, resting his hand on his lap looking down. "Yeah that would be great, lets go" I said smiling, I took his soft hand and we both went down stairs, but then I stopped at the kitchen. I turned to him and stared into his amazing eyes. "Umm do you want anything to eat before we go?" I said.  He giggled and nodded. I made him a a sandwhich and we setted of to his place.

His flat was a few minutes away so walked there. Wow.Niall flat is so big. infront of us was a huge wooden door with a gold looking doorbell. plants were there on each side of the door, it was soo pretty. Niall knocked on the door and waited for a few seconds before the door opened to a every hadsome boy with curly hair and green eyes. I smiled shyly and introduced myself. "Hi, I'm Anna." I shook his hand. "I'm Harry and its really good to finally meet you. its true about what Niall said about you, you are really hot" said Harry. I was shocked, my mouth of opened shaped as an O. Niall glared at Harry with anger and took my hand to bring me inside his flat. Niall sqeezed my hand and looked up at him. "I'm sorry that Harry said that to you, he's a dickhead sometimes. you can sit down and watch TV with my other mates which are less of a dickhead while I talk to Harry about something, OK" Niall kissed my cheek and I walked to his sofa, brown leather and much bigger than mine in my house. I sat down and turned on his 50" tv. "BOO!" I jumped up and screamed, hearing laughter. I turned around an saw 3 boys behind the sofa on the floor laughing. I put my hand way my heart was to cool me down. They finally got up still giggleing. "Hey I'm louis. I'm the funny" Louis had brown hair and was wearing a stripped top with red trousers, strips really suit him to be fair. "Hello I'm Liam and I'm the caring and I'm the daddy of this band" His head was shaved but he looked handsome, wow hot. "Hi, I'm Zayn and I'm kind and I love my hair" Zayn hair as amazing and shiny. I laughed and shook all of their hands and smiled. "I'm Anna and I'm ummmm sleepy, good at cooking and smart" I said smiling at them all. we all sat down and had a conversation about each other... we this talk for about an hour before we heard a bang. "What was that?" said Zayn. we all shugged our shoulders the same time and looked at each other for an answer. we heard the bang again. "Its coming from upstairs" Louis said looking scared. we all ran upstairs and went into a bedroom and say Harry throw a punch.The swing of infinite. Niall had blood on his face. There was no wavering in the line of the blow: he had accepted the consequences of whenever his fist landed long before he begn to punch.  "Niall" Liam shouted, too late. Niall went down. I screamed but Harry and Niall didn't hear. But before Zayn, Louis, Liam or even me even had time to form a plan of action, he as back up again, fist smacking into Harry. Harry released released a string of profanity so varied and pointed that we scared thats the words alone didn't slat Niall. Arms windmilled. Knees met chests. Elbows rammed into faces. ThenHarry grabbed Nialls shirt and used it to throw him on to the desk, mashing everything which was on it off and smashing on the floor. "Stop!" I screamed, I was so scared I didn't know what tp do. "Not the fucking desk!" snarled Niall, his lip bloody. Ripping Harry from the desk, Niall hit Harry hard enough that even us all felt it. Liam took several steps across  the bedroom. "Harry!". Harry didn't even turn his head. A grim smile, more skeleton than boy, was etched on to his mouth as Niall whirled arpund. I felt tears going down my face. Zayn sprang, seizibg Harry's arms in mid-swing . Harry still had figers hooked inide Nialls mouth, though,  and Nialls aready had a fist flying from behind, like a violent embrace. So it was Zayn who got nialls blow. Something wet misted his arm. he was fairy certain it was spit. or maybe blood. I cant stand the sight of blood, I felt dizzy and fel to the ground, only Liam saw me faint and looked at me, checking my tempertature. I was over heated. I eyesight was blurry but I could still see blood, smell blood, feel blood, hearing punchs which makes more blood and I could taste the ironic taste in my mouth. "Guys, just stop Anna just fainted, NIALL!! lisen to me. Zayn take Harry to his bedroom and clean him up. Louis take Niall to yours and do the same, I'll take cae of Anna. have ashamed me. my eyes were closing. "Anna, honey, it will be okay, I love you" who said that? I could see who it was cause of my vision. bang!! I was gone.

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