Lucky love or not

Anna Duglas is 17 and VERY unlucky. She does her normal cures everyday for the past 2 years when she moved in her new house in Mirfield (West Yorkshire England). But one day was every different and she will never forget that day at all, her first crush. Will her luck come around or will it just break her heart, or even her life.


4. Chapter 4


"Anna, you need to get up" shouted dad. I growned and got up, its 9:47am. I showered, changed clothes, brushed teethand went down stairs. When I went down stairs I see my mum frying some pancakes, thats not like her she must be up to something. "Mum why are you making pancakes? I usally have toast on a saturday" I said, I walked to the table and sat down. Mum grinned at me and turned back to the pancakes."Well your friend if here and he seemed quit hungry, he's in the bathroom" she said while putting the pancakes on the plates. "Wait what friend?" I said, thats when Niall came in. He was wearing a white t-shirt all putten up, his eyes were shiny when he was walking up to me and hugged me and kissed me on th cheeks. I blushed, "Hi Niall what are you doing here? I thought I was going to yours at 12" I said, he looked at me. "Well I was suppose to be at the studios but it gtot cancled, so I came here. And if you gonna asked, I found you on Twitter and notised this house on the background of your profile pic" He said and laughed. I notised my mum was smilng, why is my mum so embarrassing? "Umm..your pancakes are ready" mum said smiling. We all sat down and ate it.. "So what are we doing today Niall?" I said him, collecting all of the plates and walking up to dishwasher, "I was thinking should hang out your place or even mine if you want" said Niall. I nodded and went up to him. "We could stay here for a while if you want, I'll give a tour" I grabbed his hand and went upstairs, wow. His hand was so soft and warm I just wanted to hold him forever. I showed him around the house then finally showed him m room, it was a good thing I cleaned my bedroom yesterday. "I like your bedrom" Niall said while sitting on my bed, I sat next to him and smiled. Niall started staring at something. "What?" I asked trying to follow at what he's staring at. It was my guitar.

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