Lucky love or not

Anna Duglas is 17 and VERY unlucky. She does her normal cures everyday for the past 2 years when she moved in her new house in Mirfield (West Yorkshire England). But one day was every different and she will never forget that day at all, her first crush. Will her luck come around or will it just break her heart, or even her life.


3. Chapter 3


I paused for a second and slowly looked up. There was a blonde boy standing there wearing a red polo shirt with a jacket and normal jeans. I've never seen a boy look amazing in for whole life, I stared at him then looked down again. "No not really but I'll be fine" I said sniffing, he came up to me and sat on the other swing next to me and putted his hand on my back, his hand was warm and soft it felt good to have company. "Whats your name love?" he asked still staring at me. "I'm...I'm Anna Duglas, whats yours?" I replied. I looked into his eyes. WOW. His eyes were like the colour of the sea, he's like drowning me with his eyes that you would die to to not stare at them. "Niall, Niall Horan. So why are you crying?" He said, should I tell him. Would he laugh? but I have to try. "Well as you can see, I'm wearing a prom dress" I said, he nodded so I carried on."And I was called out on stage, they said my name. and they put the crown on, but it wasnt a crown, it was a paper hat saying 'smelly' on it, I ran off afterthat. And thats why I'm here in the freezing cold and miserable" I said, Niall didn't say anything,"What?" I said confused. "You dont smell, you smell amazing. why would someone do that too you. I know we just met but your beautiful" He said, my mouth was shaped as an O. I couldnt believed he said that, I've never been called beautiful before. "Umm, thanks Niall. By the way, I've never been called beautiful before." I giggled then blushed. He looked up and down on me and smiled. "Would you like to hang out sometime?" He said. "What about tomorrow" I said smiling, I've never hung out with anyone before. Its like today seemed to be to first day for everything today. "Yeah that would be great, how about 3pm tomorrow at this park, Ill give you my number" He said, I took my phone out and Niall typed in his phone number in my phone. He gave it back to me and smiled. "Well I've actually had a great time talking to you Anna, see ya tomorrow" Niall said, he came to me and kissed me on the cheek and went. I grabbed my cheek still feeling the warmth of Nialls lips on my cheeks, I blushed while I watched him walk away. wasnt that unlucky. I got off the swing and walked out of the park and walked home.


I opened my door and saw my parents running up to me and hugg me. "Mum, Dad I cant breath" They let go and smiled while to took my breath back. "So, how was it" said my dad, what should I say? that I won a hat that said smelly on it. No I should lie. "It was cool dad, thanks for asking and tomorrow at 3pm I'm going out" I said while I was starting to go up stairs. "Umm okay i hope you'll have a great time tomorrow, are you happy that you have finally finished school" My mum said yawning when she said school. "Yeah I happy, night guys" I said, I finally went to my bedroom and got changed into my pj's, brushed my teeth and went into my bed cover, I checked the time on my phone, 11:32pm. Wait, I've got 4 messages. Message 1: Hi Anna, me and your dad hope youll have a great time tonight, we're sorry we were embarrassing infront of you and Tom from Mom x. Aww my mum is so sweet. Message 2: Anna I'm sorry I laughed at you please call me I need to talk to you, Ill explain from Tom. I hate Tom, hes a total jerk. I thought he'll take care of it but NOOO he had to join in the crowd. Message 3: Hey Anna it's me Lauren where are you, I cant believe that bitch did that to you I seriously want to kill her for what she did to you. call me from Lauren x :). At least someone sticks up for me. my last message was from Niall: Hi Anna its me Niall, I hope you cheer up and I was wandering if you want to come to my flat instead of the park, come at 12, okay see ya from Irish Baby. Niall put as name on my contact 'Irish Baby' omg thats so cute. I looked at Niall Address and realised thats its just about 15 minutes away from my house. Ill text them in the morning. I rested  my eyes and fell asleep, dreaming of Niall.

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