Lucky love or not

Anna Duglas is 17 and VERY unlucky. She does her normal cures everyday for the past 2 years when she moved in her new house in Mirfield (West Yorkshire England). But one day was every different and she will never forget that day at all, her first crush. Will her luck come around or will it just break her heart, or even her life.


2. Chapter 2

We walked down the little red carpet and many people taking photos of me and Tom, I felt like I was famous. When we entered the building there was a massive ball room and a dining room and the music was pounding in our ears. Thats when my friend Lauren ran in, she has brown hair thats under shoulder-lenght, the dress she was wearing was dark purple that went up to her knees. "Hi Anna, OMG you look amazing" Lauren said hugging me at the same time "Yeah you too" I said. Lauren looked at me and Tom then smiled, "You guys look so perfect together, I hope you two become king and queen of the prom because you guys diserves it." She said then walked off. Tom turned to me and grabbed my hand, "Would you like to dance Anna?" He asked."Sure" we walked to the dance floor where everyone was at. Tom grabbed my waist and we starred into eachothers eyes like there was one tomorrow, we couldn't stop starring at eachother. Toms face was coming near me, should I kiss him? or should I stay still. Thats when our lips touch I felt my whole body bright up and I thought 'it would have been good like in the movies when the camera goes all around them, now that would be cool' I finally let go so I could take my breaths. The Head teacher Mrs Barker on the stage tapping on the micro-phone to see if it was working. "Well hello everyone, we are now ready to tell who isthe king and queen of the 2012 prom, would the following people please come on stage. Lucy Parker, Tom Young, Anna Duglas,Ryan Baley, Lauren Mortimer and Daniel Robbinson". Everyone was clapping while me and Tom and the others went on stage. "Amanda Moore, since your the one who organised this prom would you please come on stage to tell who are the winners this year" Said Mrs Barker. Amanda, she is the most annoying person I've ever met. She bullies me. She blames me for everything and she is the most richest persomn in this school so apparently she is 'popular'. "Hi guys, and now please can.....Anna Duglas and Tom Young come here and get your prize" Everyone cheered and clapped. I cant believed I've won, I thought I was the most unluckiest girl in the world, but I wasnt now CAUSE I THE QUEEN OF THE PROM. I walked up to Amanda to colloect my tera. I stared at the audience, waiting for that crown on my head. When it was on, everyone laughed. Was there someone funny behind me? I looked behind but my crown fell off. I was about to pick it up when I relised it was a crown, it was a paper hat that said 'smelly'on it. My heart was racing, my eyes were about to  burst. I stared at the audience. laughing. I stared at Amanda, laughing. When I stared at Tom and I would thought he would stick up to me  but no, he's laughing. I went to Amanda and stared to her, why would she do this? I slapped her on the face and raced out of the door crying. I was running as far as my feet can, these stupid heals were making my feet hurt I just need to sit down. I was at a park Ive never been to and sat on the swing and gently started to rock back and forth to calm myself down, I put my head to my hand and burst out crying again, I'm so unlucky, but at least I dont need to go to that hell hole anymore. "Hey, are you okay?".

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