Lucky love or not

Anna Duglas is 17 and VERY unlucky. She does her normal cures everyday for the past 2 years when she moved in her new house in Mirfield (West Yorkshire England). But one day was every different and she will never forget that day at all, her first crush. Will her luck come around or will it just break her heart, or even her life.


1. Chapter 1


Yep thats me, Anna Duglas. I'm 17, 5.2ft. Brown hair thats wavy about shoulder length which I totally hate by the way. Tonight is going to be a very special night because I'm going to the school prom with this guy called Tom which is really cute and fit buttttt.........not my type. But anyway, its 5.23pm and I have about 3 hours before the prom so I best be getting ready. First makeup, I put on my new foundation, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow. I dont really need lipgloss or lipstick because I was born with rosy lips (from my mums gene which I love). Next the hair, I was thinking of having my hair straighten but my new GHD's got eaten by my dog (DARN YOU!!) so I guess I'll be having my hair curly. Finally my clothed, my dress is a navy blue with maching shes too. Its stapless and it puffs out like cinderella's dress. There I'm finally done. Its 7.45pm and I'm doing my finishing touches when I heard a knock at my door."I've got it, I've got it" Shouted my dad. I heard the door open and then a conversation. "Anna, Toms here" said my mum. I looked in the mirror one more time. beautiful. And opened my bedroom door and walked downstairs. When I finally went down, I saw Tom. He has brown hair, wearing a black suit with very shiny shoes. Hot, that was the thing I could think at that very moment. "Hi Tom, I love what your wearing" I giggled (I giggle everytime I get nervous) I went to him and hugged him then kissed him on the cheek 'CLICK' my dad just took a photo of me and tom kissing and my mum was smiling so much that it actually creeped me out, sometimes my parents are embarrassing, are all parents embarrassing? "Dad I hate having photos taking and you know that" I said annoyly. My dad  and mum stared at me and smiled. "You look beautiful Anna" said my dad then shed a tear and my mum stared at him and started to hug him THEN also strted crying too, this is sooooo embarrassing. "I think we should go, bye mum bye dad Ill be back at 11 okay" I went to my dad and kissed him on the cheek then kissed my mum too, then I grabbed Toms hand and went in the taxi and setted off to the prom.

It takes about 45 minutes to get to the school so it will be a long night, what should I talk to Tom about?. We sat in the taxi in silents for a few minutes but then it finlly ot cut off. "You do look amazing Anna" said Tom. He stared at me with his chocolate eys and smiled. "Thank you Tom and I'm sorry that my parent  are so embarrassing, their not usually like this and I wouldn't of thought they would cry right in front of us"I said while I slapped my forehead with embarrassment. Tom grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes. "Anna its okay, your parents aren't that embarrassing at all, well I think my parent are embarrassing" He said. "Well then, prove your parents are the most embarrassing ones of all" I said as a challenge voice, thats when we had a massive conversation about our embarrassing past. "One time my parents got so drunk on holiday that they both tripped over someones chair and both fell into the pool, the pool made both of their hairs green, everyone was laughing, but the worst part of all was that they started making out in the pool and my dad went got too over passionate if you know what I mean" I said winking, we were laughing all the way to the prom. "We're here, that £15 please" said the taxi man, I went into my purse but Tom stopped me. "No, I'll pay" He said, he's such a gentlemen and payed the teaxi driver then we got out.

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