how i lost you

one girl loses everything and is her future really to be alone all her life?


1. Meygan

Meygan tuck her long  beautiful wavy golden locks behind her ears and sighed deeply she took off her bright red high hells and as a tear trickled down her cheek she ticked off birthday party on her calender and then scribbled all over it with anger she plopped down on her bed and rested her head in her hands before brushing her hair and wiping off her make up, she gazed out the window into the nights sky and as the moon shone against her face she wiped her eyes. Emily walked in from hearing the weep of her big sister

"Meygan whatever is the matter" she questioned poshly

" birthday party" Meygan stutted whilst crying

"i told you i should have been invited"

"yeh i know im so sorry"

and with no question Meygan gave Emily a great big hug before tearing her calender to pieces as emily left Meygans room she closed the door behind her softly and tilted her head with sadness scince her big sister was upset. Meygan changed into her pink monkey pjs and hooked her bright red dress on the front of her wardrobe she snuk into bed and cuddled her teddy bear as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

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