My Dad is Louis Tomlinson (1D fanfic) (Sequel to Why Did You Leave (1D fanfic))

Please read "Why Did You Leave" before reading this, otherwise it might not make sense. I bit my lip when I went past the picture of my Mum and me when I was born, that's the only time we had together, she died shortly after for unknown reasons. My granddad died a few weeks after too, he had cancer though. He only got one of his wishes though, to have a grandchild, he never saw my mum's wedding. I live with my real Dad, not Harry. Sometimes I spend the weekend with Harry, since he stayed with my Mum while she was pregnant and was going to get married to her. He gave me the ring he gave her when he proposed to her. My real Dad has a girlfriend and I hate her. She is so mean! She hates me too and she always tries and convinces me to stay with Harry a lot. I never complain to my Dad because I know he loves her. They have been together for a few years but I bet she is only with him because he is famous and part of a band called One Direction.


7. Explanations and hugs

"Mum?" I mumbled. This has to be a dream. My Mum died giving birth to me! 

"Yes, Honey. I need to explain. I'm sorry I haven't been here for the past twelve years. It's just, I witnessed a crime so I was put in witness protection after I had you. I had to pretend to be dead and the doctors knew everything. Harry and I got married before, Harry knows I have been in witness protection. My parents knew too." She explained, giving me a hug."I'm so, so terribly sorry!" 

"It's fine, Mum." I cried into her chest. I can't believe my Mum is alive. 

"I'm so glad that you're alive! I have been thinking you were dead all these years!" My Dad said. My Mum pulled away from the hug and looked at my hand. 

"Ah, I see Harry gave you the ring he proposed to me with." Mum mumbled happily. "I'm so happy that you wear it!" 

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