My Dad is Louis Tomlinson (1D fanfic) (Sequel to Why Did You Leave (1D fanfic))

Please read "Why Did You Leave" before reading this, otherwise it might not make sense. I bit my lip when I went past the picture of my Mum and me when I was born, that's the only time we had together, she died shortly after for unknown reasons. My granddad died a few weeks after too, he had cancer though. He only got one of his wishes though, to have a grandchild, he never saw my mum's wedding. I live with my real Dad, not Harry. Sometimes I spend the weekend with Harry, since he stayed with my Mum while she was pregnant and was going to get married to her. He gave me the ring he gave her when he proposed to her. My real Dad has a girlfriend and I hate her. She is so mean! She hates me too and she always tries and convinces me to stay with Harry a lot. I never complain to my Dad because I know he loves her. They have been together for a few years but I bet she is only with him because he is famous and part of a band called One Direction.


5. Confusing

"Dad, why did One Direction start?" I asked casually. 

"We got put together, we all entered a singing competition." He explained. 

"How did you find my Mum?" I asked, I never really asked about my Mum. I know Dad feels guilty about not being there for her. 

"Harry knew her, she was one of his old friends. He finally called her after a while of not speaking to her, he didn't say goodbye when he left for the X Factor." my Dad explained. 

"I'm so glad he decided to call her." I mumbled. 

"Why?" Dad asked, looking into my eyes as if he would find answers there. 

"Then she would have never of met you and I wouldn't have existed." I explained.

"Then your Mum would have never died. I technically killed her." he replied. I swallowed. Dad didn't want me. 

"You loved Mum didn't you? I killed her actually." I waited thirty seconds before he answered. 

"Yeah, I still love her. There isn't a day I don't miss her." He mumbled, staring at his feet. A tear rolled down his cheek. I wrapped my arms around him. 

"Don't cry, Dad." I comforted. 

"You didn't kill her, I got your Mum pregnant." He sobbed. 

"It's not your fault." I muttered. 

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