My Dad is Louis Tomlinson (1D fanfic) (Sequel to Why Did You Leave (1D fanfic))

Please read "Why Did You Leave" before reading this, otherwise it might not make sense. I bit my lip when I went past the picture of my Mum and me when I was born, that's the only time we had together, she died shortly after for unknown reasons. My granddad died a few weeks after too, he had cancer though. He only got one of his wishes though, to have a grandchild, he never saw my mum's wedding. I live with my real Dad, not Harry. Sometimes I spend the weekend with Harry, since he stayed with my Mum while she was pregnant and was going to get married to her. He gave me the ring he gave her when he proposed to her. My real Dad has a girlfriend and I hate her. She is so mean! She hates me too and she always tries and convinces me to stay with Harry a lot. I never complain to my Dad because I know he loves her. They have been together for a few years but I bet she is only with him because he is famous and part of a band called One Direction.


2. Breakfast


We went to McDonalds and had breakfast there. We sat in the car and ate it so we had a little privacy. 

"So, I see Paula hasn't been nice to you recently." my Dad began. 

"She hasn't ever been nice to me." I stated. 

"Well, I'm thinking about ending things with her. Especially how she never wants you around." Dad told me. 

"Don't you love her any more?" I asked. 

"I do, it's just, I don't want a girlfriend who treats you the way they do. I want you to have a nice step mum, someone who loves you and treats you like their own daughter." he explained. Taking a bite out of his cheeseburger. Yes, my Dad has cheeseburgers for breakfast. I looked out the window and sighed, taking a bite out of my bacon roll. 

"If you don't want to leave Paula I can always live with Harry." I mumbled. 

"You can't live with Harry." He told me.

"Why?" I asked, looking at him. 

"'Cause he doesn't have any custody of you, he didn't get married to your mum so really he isn't related to you in any way." Dad explained. 

"Oh." Was all I could say. I finished my breakfast and got out of the car to put it in the bin. I climbed back into the car. 

"You ready?" Dad asked. I nodded. 

Dad drove us home and when we were parked outside of the house he whispered in my ear. 

"I'm going to leave her now. Go run up into your room and I will tell you when she has left. Or you will probably hear." I nodded and climbed out of the car.

As soon as I took my shoes off, I ran upstairs into my room and picked my iPhone off of the table. I played some apps and stopped when I heard shouting. 

"You can't just leave me!" I heard Paula scream at my Dad. 

"I can. That's what I'm doing now. You don't treat my daughter right and I'm not having that. I know you hate her and you're trying your best to get rid of her, and to be honest I have had enough of it. It's not fair on her, I want her to have a step mum who cares about her and treats her like a daughter. Not a child that gets in the way." Dad yelled back at her. 

"Fine, leave me. See if I care. I will drop by tomorrow to collect my stuff." Paula shrieked back and then the front door slammed loudly, shaking all the walls in the house. I bit my tongue to stop myself from laughing. 

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