Harry, my superman.

Harry, your friend helps you through something that will always be in your broken heart. He's you soldier, your superman, and you fall in love.

- He's yours, you're his, nothing can ever change that.


2. A night at Harrys house

"It's okay sweetheart, it's okay." Zayn rocked you forth and back. "Zayn, can i stay here?" you sobbed into his chest. You felt him look at the rest of the boys. "You can sleep at Harrys house. The rest of us has some important plans. Is that okay with you?" you nodded and looked up. The mascara had definietly ruined your dress, and your hair was a big mess. "Thanks Harry." "No problem babe."

 Harry and you were om your way home to Harry when it hit your mind:" Harry, i have to feed Jack." so you turned around again, and went back to your house to feed your dog. He was probably starving. You opened the door, and the big dog met you in the yellow-painted. But not as the usual happy Jack. His mouth were covered in blood, and he was definietly in pain. "Jack?!" he let out a little scream when you sat down and hugged him. "(y/n), what happened?" you began crying again, cause you knew excatly what was happened. Zack. As you walked further into the hallway you began noticing how your house looked. One terrible mess. Things had been ruined, plates were broken on the floor, alle the beautiful wooden chairs had been thrown on the floor, and the most beautiful lamp, with diamonds covered in some kind of silver was totally destroyed. All the diamonds had fallen of and they were everywhere. You broke down and bursted into tears. In the middle of all the mess. Your dog sat by your side, as usual, and Harrys sat down on your other side. "Hey, shh, we'll figure this out sweetheart. Lets take Jack with us."

You had left the house in the complete mess, and again, you were on your way home to Harry. This time with Jack by your side. He slowed down the trip because of one of his paws. It was almost ripped up, and everytime Jack walked another step, he left a little red pool of blood. There were nothing to do than walk. "So do you want to tell me, what happened? To you and Zack?" you looked down at your feet. Your black half-heels from earlier this afternoon were totally ruined. They were wet, dirty and cold as ice. "It's okay if you don't want to say it i mean.." "Sorry, i didn't listen. What happened.. I.. He.. We.. H-h-h.." it was hard. Hard telling someone you badly knew about what was happened. But in some weird way you trusted Harry. "He raped me, and abused me. When i tried to break up he beat me up." you said loud and clear. What would he think of you? "I'm so sorry honey." Harrys sparkling green eyes looked right through yours, and lit up the dark. He sneaked an arm around your shoulder, and you rested a hand on Jacks back. Soon you were at Harrys house.

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