Harry, my superman.

Harry, your friend helps you through something that will always be in your broken heart. He's you soldier, your superman, and you fall in love.

- He's yours, you're his, nothing can ever change that.


1. Heartbroken

You pulled out your beautiful summerdress. White with black birds on it. You squeezed into it, put on some makeup, threw your hair in a ponytail, your black half-heels stood, ready for you to jump into. So you did, and then you ran down the stairs, pulled on your coat, and left the house without locking the door. Jack would take care of the house, so if anyone tried to steal anything, the big dobberman would scare the shit out of them, and they would never come back. You walked down the street until you reached his house. Zayns big white house with a black roof lit up the whole street, and the loud music almost made the house shake. Knock knock. "Hi (y/n)! You look beautiful!" But you couldn't stand it anymore. You collapsed in Zayns arms without saying a word.

You woke up to some familiar voices, and a smell you regionized. "Zayn?" "Oh god (y/n), you're awake! You scared us to dead." he stroked your cheek and looked at the other boys. "Niall, could you go get some water?" Niall disapperaed into the kitchen, and came back with some water. They all stared worried at you as you drank. "Zayn, what happened?" "I hoped you could explain that." he sighed and sat down on the couch you laid on. "What happened?" he asked you in a soft voice.


"You little bitch, how dare you?!" Zack slapped you and left your cheek red and blue. "Zack, please.. Don't.." "Shut up!" he kicked you, and you fell back on the floor. "Zack! Stop!" you screamed in pain. He kicked you and punched you, and left you. Blood all over the floor, big wounds and no clothes. No energy was left in your body, and slowly you fell back into a kind of sleep.

*End of flashback*

"I don't want to talk about it." you finally said and pressed your lips together. You tried to hold back the tears, but it was hard. And the first tear fell within seconds. "(y/n), is it Zack?" you burst into tears, and almost screamed. Zayn held you into him, and you dug your head into his chest.

More afraid than ever.

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