Why Am I In Payne? (A Liam Payne Fan Fiction)

Alice. Seems like a normal name for a normal girl. But Alice can only dream of a normal life. She is homeless, and has been living on the street since she was eleven.
She gets hit by a car in order to save another life. But whose life? Liam Payne. Of One Direction.


4. Why Louis Keeps Apologising

'Well, we've finished our checkup on you, and it seems you have 2 broken ribs, a sprained ankle, and bruises all over.' I didn't know what to say. I wasn't expecting more, or less. I hadn't really thought about it much.

'You'll have to stay here a few more weeks. If things go smoothly from here, we'll let you do in about three to four weeks.' My face fell. Three to four weeks?  It wasn't that serious was it? I had to be out by my birthday, or-

'Wait, you can't be in here for your birthday!' Liam said. 'Doctor, isn't there anything we can do?'

'You remembered it was my birthday soon?' I said surprised. How did he remember that?

'Of course,' he said softly. He then turned back to the doctor, who was saying something.

'Well, see, there is something that I am rather worried about. There are many bruises, too many in fact. The only way they could have been there was if there were bruises there before. Not bruises from falling over or anything like that. Bruises from punches, slaps, kicks. As she is only seventeen, they could have been from any time period in her life.' the doctor said, quietly he thought, but I have very sharp ears. I heard every word. And I wish I didn't.

They continued to talk quietly, leaving the room as they spoke. Louis and I were left alone.

'Hi.' he said rather quietly. 'Liam forbid me from saying sorry any more, but he's not here, so sorry.'  Then he started to whisper. 'Don't tell Liam, though. Otherwise I will end up in the hospital bed next to you.'

I chuckled, then said, 'I'm still confused about that. Why do you keep apologising? You haven't even left this room since I arrived! Why not?'

Louis looked really guilty. 'I thought Liam told you.'

'Told me what? Lou, just tell me!'

'No wonder you weren't mad at me. I should've known. I was kind of confused when you acted completely normal around me. I guess I should just tell you now. Feel free to punch or slap me. I deserve it.'

'No, Lou! Nobody deserves to get slapped or punched! I said, almost shouting. Louis flinched, and I slapped a hand over my mouth. 'Louis, I am so sorry! I didn't mean to shout. I just... I don't know.' I finished lamely. 

'It's alright.' he said. I smiled, glad he had forgiven me. He grinned back at me. I remembered recognising him vaguely from when I woke up, and I suddenly knew where I knew him from.

'You were on the newspaper! That's where I knew you from! You're in the band with Liam, and a blonde one, and one with curls, and a mow-hawked haired one.You're album went to number one in the US. Oh, wait, what were you called? One... one something... One Direction! That was it!' I smiled proudly, glad I had remembered everything. He just looked at me, amused.

'Yep' he said, popping the p. 'Not even going to ask how you knew that. Must be from the newspaper/Liam. But if you can remember everything, what's our album called?' he asked me.

'Umm... Bring Me Home?' I guessed. He laughed. 'Close, Take Me Home.'

'Oh yeah! I remember now.' 

'Well, obviously after I tell you.' he pulled a face and rolled his eyes. I laughed at him.

'What were you going to tell me again?'

'Oh yeah...' he went subdued again. I know, shouldn't have brought it up. But I was curious. IGive me a break, I am in a hospital bed you know.

'Well, see, i-I was the one...' he started nervously, looking at me with mixed emotions. 




'...who w-was driving the c-car that hit you.' 






OOOOOOH! Well done to Abygail Stylik, a major carrot, who guessed correctly! A couple of people guessed he was a long lost friend, but well done for guessing something I will be incorporating in the story soon! Which boy though? There's a twist! Comment below your choice (or I will eat you).

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! You have been really sweet, leaving comments saying 'Get Well Soon.' LOVE YOU ALL MY VEGGIES! Will be updating more (hopefully).

And you know after Alice says 'I remember now?' and Louis rolls his eyes and pulls a face. Well, watch the 1D pepsi commercial. Then watch the outtakes. Louis will say 'Platinum album and then roll his eyes and pull a face. Thats the face.


Also, if you haven't noticed, all the chapter titles have four words, might keep up with that, might not :P

Didn't proofread, by the way.

See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.

Love Avery xxxx


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